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ASHWAUBENON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin retailer Shopko is closing 39 stores in 19 states.

Shopko spokeswoman Michelle Hansen says each store employs 10 to 25 employees, putting the scope of job cuts at about 400 to nearly 1,000 positions. Liquidation sales begin Friday with the stores closing by the end of February.

The Green Bay area department store chain operates about 360 stores in 24 states. Just one store in Shopko's home state will close. That store is in Mauston.

Hansen says the closures were dictated by the long-term outlook on profitability, sales trends, and growth potential.

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(13) comments


That great Trump economy everyone keeps talking about.

Tommy Duncan

Perhaps the capedcrusader can explain to us the economic relationship between the Trump economy and Shopko's closing stores? Otherwise, he has simply voiced an ignorant opinion.

Mary Lund

I can. Economy bad > less money spent > stores close

Tommy Duncan

OK, I'll play. Justify your premises that the economy is bad and less money is being spent. What economic facts support your assertions?


You mean like your's on another matter?
Tommy Duncan Sep 19, 2018 7:45am

The FBI has very recently done a background check on Cavanaugh. It was the 6th background check he has had for his various judicial posts. What would the FBI investigate? Professor Ford can't provide the day, month or YEAR of the alleged incident. She can't remember where it occurred, how she got there, who was at the party or how she got home. What, exactly, would the FBI look into?

Tommy Duncan

So what point are you trying to make, capedcrusader?


Your ignorant opinion. Seems everyone has one when you don't agree.

Tommy Duncan

You quoted a post of mine that includes a number of questions. It does not include the word "ignorant". As I recall, the final FBI background check turned up nothing on Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh, just as my questions suggested. Asking questions does imply ignorance on the part of anyone. It is merely seeking truth.


Tommy D - You made the comment about my post being ignorant. Everyone is entitled to an opinion last i heard. I explained my comment about the store closing further down below. Lighten up grasshopper. If my comment was ignorant so was yours to the tenth degree. You made light of the fact that she couldn't remember things. That comment WAS ignorant. You ask what exactly would the FBI look into? Really? They should always look into rapes and murders. Forever if need be... And Ronald Reagan couldn't remember a lot of things when he was President. George HW Bush couldn't remember what he was doing the day President Kennedy was murdered even though he was in Dallas. Nixon couldn't recall a lot of things. It's easy to forget things when you want to. I'll bet if it happened to you that you wouldn't forget getting raped.

Tommy Duncan

@capedcrusader Look, a squirrel !!!




I suppose Sears and KMart closing is Trump's fault, too? Or maybe, just maybe, all of these closures have something to do with many people buying things via and other online retailers, and the fact that these stores had higher prices than other providers? Naw... it's Trump.


Well they did happen on his watch. Oh come on, it's just fun getting you conservatives triggered. Don't get your blood pressure up like Climatehoax.

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