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WASHINGTON (TNS) — The Justice Department “must finally act” against a longtime senior aide to Hillary Clinton and former FBI Director James Comey, President Donald Trump tweeted, his latest fiery social media post to kick off 2018.

Trump and his team have an ambitious agenda for the new year, especially considering more than 400 House seats and 30 Senate seats are up for grabs in just 11 months. But the president on Tuesday focused his morning tweets at his domestic political and geopolitical foes.

In one tweet, Trump targeted Clinton confidant Huma Abedin, Comey and the Justice Department, which has frustrated the chief executive with its investigation of possible ties between the Kremlin and his 2016 presidential campaign.

He wrote that “Crooked Hillary Clinton’s top aid (sic), Huma Abedin” allegedly violated security protocols, an apparent reference to her handling of State Department emails when Clinton ran that agency for former President Barack Obama. Trump charged on Tuesday that Abedin “put Classified Passwords into the hands of foreign agents.”

It was not immediately clear to what the president was referring, but conservative websites and Fox News in recent days have posted items stating that Abedin forwarded State Department passwords to a Yahoo account before many were hacked.

What should be Abedin’s punishment? “Jail!” Trump wrote before Abedin has been investigated, charged, tried, convicted or sentenced.

Again allowing his frustration with the country’s top law enforcement entity to show, Trump referred to it as the “Deep State Justice Dept,” which he wrote “must finally act” against Abedin and “Comey & others.”

He also lashed out at Iran and Pakistan in recent days, suggesting he will cut off U.S. aid dollars to the former country over its alleged resistance to helping America’s military campaign in Afghanistan. The George W. Bush and Obama administrations regularly expressed similar frustrations with Pakistan.


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Gee, Do you think this is why they don't want to impeach Trump?


12 months from today you will be known as the fool you are for a whole year. Stop drinking the Hillary Kool Aid.....she lost ...but you can't accept it. Don't go away mad...but please, please just go away!


Nah Bobber, you're going to be hearing from me for at least the next four years. Don't kid yourself one bit. May come as a surprise to you but I'm happy she lost. I'm going to have much more fun with Crooked Trump.


This is Trumplethinskin and the 4th Reich trying to discredit our Justice Dept, FBI, CIA to justify and enable Eric Prince to operate/implement his own private spy agency and private militia. This whole propaganda mantra against the FBI, etc. is the AltRight movement to overthrow everything that is good, right, and just in the foundation of America as we know/knew. The DeVoss family, Koch Bros., Eric Prince (Betsy DeVoss' brother) are ultra-wealthy mindf*ckers whose mission is to thoroughly undermine our Republic and turn it into their own sick, twisted theocracy of their perverted version of "Christianity". Be afraid folks, be VERY afraid of these evil, dark anarchists. Don't say I didn't warn you!


It's Looney goons like awol2009 that justify the need for mental institutions....and a padded room with a straitjacket. This is a crazy person!


Wow, aren't you just a Brainiac!You are almost as good at insulting people as Rick, Buggs, and what's that other guys name that told that hilarious tale about how he got his name? Oh I forget, but I imagine I'll remember the very first time I hear that song again.


When you see what happened to the sailor for taking a picture of his work station on a submarine, you will see the injustice. This guy served for six years, two in a war zone and he received one year in prison, lost all his benefits, lost his home to foreclosure, and ended up with unplayable legal debts and was charged with a felony crime which prevents him from getting hired. Now contrast that with using bleach bit to destroy subpoenaed emails after the subpoena was served, server contained super high intelligence to the point Congress could not view them because of there highly classified nature. Classified emails were sent from an unsecured Clinton server to the now imprisoned Carlos Danger, I guess for safe keeping. Huma abedin lied under oath as did the Clinton IT man in charge of setting up the server. Comey wrote to Chuck Grassley stating the FBI did investigate the possible of crimes committed with regards to storing classified emails, this in fact had not been done, this according to FBI field agents. The email case had been taken out of normal procedures and given to a select few in Washington for what was said in undisclosed prior emails, “special handling”. This is only the half of it, the letter of exoneration was composed months before 17 witnesses and Hillary Clinton was even interviewed, not to mention the wording changes altered to reflect the non charge to Clinton. A shameful injustice has been done to a military hero when you see how Clinton was treated in comparison. Hopefully the inspector generals report will make this distinction clear.


This is just Trump trying to be like his pal Putin, trying to use government agencies against his perceived political enemies. He wants to jail all opponents and have total dictatorial powers. He's even worse than Nixon, and a whole lot dumber.


Comrade Trump is leading you into the Russian world of disinformation, so you never get around to dealing with important things. Time to reach up and pull yourself out of his rabbit hole. Disregard nutty posts. Where are his tax returns? Does he owe billions to the Russians? Why does he insult everyone except Putin? Follow the money. Get the tax returns.

El Duderino

TDS on display. But, but, but, Hillary had more votes....right?

El Duderino

Throw Loretta Lynch & Slick Willy on your list, too, Buggs. An undisputed half an hour meeting on an airport tarmac with the acting AG & former POTUS/spouse of democratic party's nominee under investigation for what should've been a layup conviction for obstruction (at minimum). Hammers & bleaching hard drives....good times. Meanwhile, Mueller is expected to chase ghosts well into this year.


Trump is the one who better worry about "obstruction". And if he's unlucky, money laundering. Mueller will be chasing skeletons that will come out of Trumps closet sooner or later not ghosts. Watergate took time and I imagine Trumpgate will too. Tick, tock, tick, tock. Show your taxes Trump!


Caped crusader is only right about one thing...imagining Trumpgate! It's time to pick up your ball and go home to cry to's obvious your feelings about Hillary losing are still fogging your judgment! Maybe some hot cocoa and a soft pillow will comfort your obvious anguish. Poor child.


Boo hoo ! Crooked Trump For Prison!


I'm hoping that Trump keeps shooting off his mouth just long enough... He's nothing but a Manchurian Candidate and a criminal. You said so yourself.

Buggs Raplin

Comey, Abedin, and Hillary should all be indicted.

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