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CHEER: To Oktoberfest board chairman Kelly Wilde, Festmaster & Frau Tom & Marilyn Tiggelaar, Mrs. Oktoberfest Ilene Kernozek, Special Fester Rylee Beahm and the rest of the Royal Family, and the many many volunteers and friends, for a grand return after a year away. Putting on La Cro…

Following the Nov. 3, 2020, election, every state counted and recounted every vote cast. The results were verified, certified and approved by judges, legislators and many diverse observers. This election was secure and well-monitored. The final tabulated results verified Joe Biden’s decisive…

For too long small business owners have gotten the short end of the schtick with the corrupt tax codes that give big corporations a leg up over every Americans. Personally, I'm tired of seeing it, that's why I support President Biden's Build Back Better Plan.

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