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President Trump's dealings with his private attorney Michael Cohen just seem to get sleazier and sleazier.

Not only did he pay adult film actress Stormy Daniels $130,000 in hush money from a shell company, now it turns out Cohen received millions of dollars into that same shell company from people trying to buy insight into President Trump. Some of those funds have come from a company associated with a Russian oligarch. 


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He didn't remember he slept with a pornographic film actress, didn't know she was paid off, doesn't remember reimbursing his lawyer for it and never spent the night in Russia. Simple as that...


new2 is so out of touch with reality. This more than about an extramarital affair tRump had in 2006. Cohen has been exposed with some extremely corrupt payoffs, pay-to-play schemes, tax evasion, much more to unravel as he and tRump exploited the office of the presidency with domestic and foreign entities. There's much more, but you go ahead and deflect on the Clinton's, keep your head buried in the sand like a stupid ostrich. It's quite laughable how far from reality you are in this and many other issues.


I’m sure you meant Hillary’s stint in office, we have seen the numbers on folks granted an audience and the millions donated to her by them. It was millions, now that’s pay to play for you. I. Think this servers as an excellent example of someone with their head in the sand. What do you think there is a current investigation going on regarding pay to play. Did you just miss this or was your head in the sand. You make allegations as if there was an on going investigation such as with Clinton. I see you mentioned Micheal Cohen and if he did something illegal he will certainly held responsible, after all this is a new Administration in power, no need to worry and by the way, its not Trump. The foreign entities you speak of, Trumps got them all under control.


I suspect this will never reach the Bill Clinton and Hillary’s scandals. Impeachment seems a bit more serious than these mere allegations of a consensual affair and the millions Hillary accepted from Russian bankers in the Uranium One deal, now that’s bad.


Zzzzzzzz .............


Your zzzzzing is why these scandals take place.


Not at all. I'm just tired of your re-hashing of lies and spreading of half-truths and misinformation.


I've asked the question before, Newt: Do you like being lied to every day by your "leader" or are you just willing to accept the lies because it keeps your guy in power for now?

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