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Ms. Flowers is being very selective in her facts, ignoring that Gallagher's trial ended under highly unusual circumstances due to a key witness -- under immunity -- completely changed his earlier story and said that he, not Gallagher, had killed the ISIS soldier. And he said he changed his story because he wanted to save Gallagher from prosecution for a murder Gallagher had previously boasted publicly that he had committed. Having cousins who served honorably does not make her an authority on military justice and chain of command any more than does paying a doctor to say you have bone spurs to keep you out of the draft.


Ms. Flowers....I think you may need to do a little research before you write an opinoin column. Yes, Gallagher was convicted of posing with a dead body, he was also charged with taking a handmade hunting knife and stabbed a teenage captive several times in the neck and torso while his buddies were giving aid to the teenager.

He was also accused of firing a sniper rifle at civilians, striking a girl wearing a flower-print hijab as she walked along a riverbank and an old man carrying a water jug. Gallagher's fellow SEAL's testified against him for these atrocities. If this is a war hero to you, then I pity your world. Trump needs to keep his big orange nose out of these situations.


Ms Flowers is right, she is no expert on military justice or military honor. So therefor she is unqualified to write about it. Neither is Trump for that matter. It is unprecedented that a president over turns a military court decision. The Admirals in the Navy are not in support of Trump's pardon. If discipline and order are to be enforced then the military should have the last word in these types of cases. That is what the military leaders are in charge of. Let them do their job.

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