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To Donald Trump:

As one who spent nearly two years of his life as a journalist focused on Watergate, I have one piece of advice. Your best course is not to in any way disrupt or attack Robert Mueller personally as some around you undoubtedly may have counseled and no matter your own natural inclination.

Dan Thomasson mug

Dan K. Thomasson

The former FBI director who is conducting the investigation that has resulted in what obviously will not be the last of indictments stemming from Russian influence in your campaign for the presidency is no Archibald Cox whom Richard Nixon made the mistake of firing in the midst of the crisis that drove him from office. While Cox was a fine lawyer with excellent credentials, his reputation hardly matched that of Mueller, whose prosecutorial and investigative chops (to borrow a jazz phrase) are among the most respected of his generation ... on both sides of the political aisle.

A Saturday night massacre like the one that signaled the beginning of the end for Nixon would not only bring bipartisan condemnation but most likely the introduction of the impeachment process in Congress. If you think the storm after your dismissal of Mueller’s FBI successor, James Comey, was bad, a similar decision applied to Mueller would seem like a category five hurricane, one that would overwhelm even your most ardent supporters and your ability to twitter your way out of it. Recent polls show the public favoring Mueller two to one.

The door to the potential premature end of your tenure in the Oval Office has been opened more than just a crack with the charges against your former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, your deputy in the campaign Rick Gates and, George Popadopopoulos, a campaign adviser. The only way of avoiding what could be the inevitable consequence is to keep a cool head and to exercise restraint, two things for which you are not noted. In fact, word has spread that you are angry with your son-in-law Jared Kushner for voluntarily turning over documents to Mueller.

Trying to build a backfire by yelling about Hillary Clinton and the emails and complaining about your lack of control of the Justice Department raises a specter of drastic action that could bring about a constitutional crisis.

It’s already too late to deny Russia’s influence one way or another and while the seriousness of it still has to be identified, there seems little doubt now that it will be considering the blizzard of “fake” (to use a word favored by you) news devised and paid for by the Russians for the American Internet market. Millions of Americans passed on Russia’s slickly written allegations and suggestions as gospel. And this was but one facet of the Russian efforts to help you win.

The question now becomes how close to you, the eventual nominee, did this effort come to you, personally. It seems relatively near in that one of your sons, Donald Jr., and Kushner seem to have been prominent in a questionable meeting in Trump Tower campaign headquarters.

Again, to reference Watergate, “What did you know and when did you know it?” Is there a smoking gun somewhere that you may have missed? And if so was it only in passing? Were you too busy to really deal with it, to take notice of the possible illegality of the situation if you even considered such a notion? You were after all seemingly quite friendly with the top of the Russian food chain, including Vladimir Putin. Actually, you seemed to express more than a little admiration for the Russian.

Be that as it may, don’t expect this to be over quickly if history is any indication. Even though Mueller wasted little time in picking off Manafort, who was vulnerable anyway because of his past business dealings with pro-Russian interests in the Ukraine. They tend to drag on a bit.

Here’s another word to the wise. You might consider not only ignoring Stephen K. Bannon, your chief strategist officially in the White House and still a top adviser now that he has left, about an aggressive attack on Mueller and company. Like you, Bannon wasn’t around during Watergate and may have missed some of the pitfalls of this kind of investigation. They can get kind of tricky.

Too much bluster is not such a good thing. Take the phrase, “I am not a crook,” for instance. Oh, I forgot Hillary is the crook.

Tribune News Service columnist Dan Thomasson can be reached at


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The Drumpft still has many,many and numerous sex assault allegations ,
that will not be forgotten about, just because of his confusion " bout confusion.
Like southerners used to say : "Hell No!!!" We ain"t fergettin"...!!!
and neither are Trumps women, now that it is finally taken seriously.
Cosby ,Weinstein, Spacey ??? betcha!!!
All the same and similar...grabbin" P_____ or P____,
no longer a fad.


The likely scenario here is Sessions resigning or being fired and his replacement as Attorney General will take over Mueller's investigation, this will eliminate two problems, Mueller's conflicts of interest and put the investigation where it rightfully belongs with the DOJ. There is a third benefit, opening up investigations into Uranium One pay for play Clinton Foundation, the GPS Fusion Dossier financed by the DNC and Clinton campaign, IRS Lois Lerner investigation now that its been established by the IRS admitting wrong doing and weaponizing the IRS for political purposes and of course James Comey's preconceived notion of Hillary's innocence in her grossly negligent handling of classified information. Several other investigations need to be investigated as well but no use piling on. After all, were not Democrats.


Well, isn't it nice to see new2 isn't too old to still have wet dreams. Wet dreams, however, have nothing to do with reality, nor does new2's fantastical political scenarios, which I am sure leave him breathlessly excited, too.


We're still waiting for Chip DeNure (AKA Buggs Raplin) to produce a SINGLE link to a photo or video to back up his ridiculous claims about multiple hotels on the Vegas Strip being "raked by gunfire" during the terrorist attack there.
He can't provide ANY evidence to back up most of his claims, but continues to spin his paranoid fantasies and claims them as the gospel truth. What a sad, pathetic little sociopath.


Buggs ,no doubt was a Viet Nam era draft dodger,
which explains his life devoted love for Trump and "pathological" hatred
of Clintons...
too funny when you consider they ain"t never done nothing (wrong),
as far as the "Law" is concerned, besides the fact, I believe she lost the election to the Drumpft.
Never let guilt, for the Orangetange, be an exchange ,in hatred for someone else.
It don"t work that way.

Buggs Raplin

I see a total group of idiots have weighed in on this issue.

Tim Russell



Well, I guess you just shut THEIR water off, Buggs! Nobody better mess with YOU, you betcha.


thank you for your insightful comment buggs, very telling! Now if you are done with the name calling and temper tantrum go back in the weeds and hide from those big bad liberals.


Trumpzis never think for themselves. If their great leader says a person is bad, they all unit and scream send him to tp prison.


Let the Orange-A-Tang in "Chief", bad mouth the American justice system all he wants.
It has ways of coming back to haunt., and Robert Mueller is the most impeccable Lawman we have.


spot on. This is history slowly repeating itself from watergate. Trumpeters would argue the best lawman we have is that former sheriff in Arizona Trump pardoned. But of course as usual they would be wrong.


Trump's pardoning of Arpaio is nothing but one crook backslapping another crook. Arppaio is a criminal and his conviction stands. Trump can't do a thing about that jusst like he can't do a thing about the military judges. Trump still hasn''t figured out that he was not elected DICTATOR. Just because he says it and wants it doesn't mean it is.

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