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with a gas tax you get out of staters helping fund wisconsin road repair. That seems to be the most equitable and fair way to fund the roads, after all those out of state benefit from decent roads also. Too bad the republicans want to put the burden squarely on Wisconsinites only. Obstructionism is their game, always has been.


When all you care about is tax cuts and hurting public employees, this is what you get. Thanks Republicans.

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So Ricky, Walker and the Republicans had 8 years with total control of the state, and they never bothered to fix the problem. Even Walker's head of the DOT resigned because he was so disgusted with the ineptitude demonstrated by the Republicans and Walker. Quit talking about what Doyle did. It is pretty irrelevant. Talk about how even now the Republicans refuse to solve the problem, because like you they blinded by their own stupidity. The fact that you think teaching AP Physics, Engineering Physics, and Honors Physics has anything to do with vinegar/soda volcanoes just shows how deficient your pathetic education is. Go study up on "righty tighty - lefty loosey" which is the most advanced topic you ever studied.


Actually Ricky I retired 13 years ago at age 58. I am older than you but I am also smarter than you. I say you're old because you sound like a bitter old man who has been a failure at life and is now mad at others. Take responsibility for your own shortcomings, and there are many. You sound like a complete lunatic. If you had any shame you would be embarrassed. If there are any people in the Czeczok family with a shred of intelligence they would take away your computer access before you permanently destroy your family's reputation.


why oh why tribune do you let this poor excuse of a person keep posting on these sites. Ricky/veteran is in serious need of help, like a padded room.


10/4 Marty !!! Ya"ll got the "little one",like zerokok ,who ,for all comparisons ,ain't much different than Dylan Roof, who he ,no doubt, writes to in prison? Why is he referred to as :"the little one"? No wonder he"s a hard-core Trump-Humper.Hard to fix insanity.

Comment deleted.

How do you know that? Can you prove it?

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