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It was momentous, an achievement beyond belief: The inevitable election of Hillary Clinton as president had been averted, leftism was down on its knees and the issue was whether President Donald Trump could follow through. A year has passed, and he absolutely has, but a question lingers.

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Jay Ambrose

This is no longer America, or is it?

Trump is kooky, after all, and someone who has given fresh meaning to the cliche of being one’s own worst enemy. By way of alienation, he is rife with insults, vulgarity, juvenilia and narcissism. He has given us a White House reality show, and, by way of supposed rescue, we’ve had politicians, bureaucrats and others behaving worse than he has, dropping every pretense of old standards or honesty by way of impeachment ambitions.

Even being a successful president when everyone is cooing sweet tunes in one’s direction is tough. Crazy Trump has been successful when the cooing has been replaced by cursing, and the biggie, of course, was getting Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. The issue here was not so much rounding up the votes – the GOP Senate majority had them – but picking a man of solid integrity, deep intellect and, astonishingly enough in this day and age, respect for the Constitution.

The court long ago began discovering rights where there were none while rewriting American culture. Progressive justices have tended to see the Constitution as a weary, old, out-of-tune document. Yes, it could be brought up to date by amendments, but legitimacy of that kind didn’t happen often. So they resorted to their own moral intuitions, using obscure legalese to explain how their decisions somehow related to hints of broad principles maybe in the document that they were slowly destroying.

Other Trump victories?

Getting record numbers of appellate judges appointed to the relief of a federal system beleaguered by justices with progressive handicaps. A tax reform that could render all kinds of economic benefits. Repealing the Obamacare individual mandate. Getting the toughest U.N. sanctions ever against North Korea. Vitalizing our energy markets by approving pipelines and other moves. Facilitating the defeat of the Islamic State through affording generals more say in combat. Taking important steps to obstruct Iran’s imperial dreams emboldened by Obama’s deal. Getting tough with Russia on Ukraine.

Often called an autocrat, Trump has contrarily helped defeat autocracy of the past through dismantling economically harmful regulations, insisting young illegal immigrants be legalized constitutionally and negating much of the Clean Power Plan that would illegally wipe out state laws.

He has delivered more support to beleaguered Israel, one of our greatest allies, which was as much as betrayed by the Obama administration. Through support of police and other steps, he has helped achieve a crime decrease after President Barack Obama helped a crime upsurge by calling police systemically racist and making them less proactive. By refusing to spur gun sales with threats of purchasing impediments, he has presided over a drop in gun sales far greater than any proposed new law could achieve.

A list of embarrassments could go on longer than this, but overall, on policy terms, this Trump year has been a significant boost to this country of ours, something far better than the debilitation likely under Hillary Clinton. His low approval ratings, however, reflect his misconduct, something foreign to what this country has seen in its presidents, and for that and other reasons, we could see Republicans lose control of the Senate or House or both. That could mean impeachment. It would certainly mean an end to any legislative advantages.

The call then is for Trump to try self-improvement, which he won’t, but more importantly to work with Congress to ameliorate the debt, reform welfare to actually help the poor, end mass incarceration through better crime deterrence policies and maybe pursue an infrastructure plan. There are serious foreign challenges, and what is finally required is firm determination to do what’s needed.

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(24) comments


Looks like those with a little dementia seem to be what the country needed. It was quite apparent the community organizer/paperboy was not the answer. Just think, the right man in there and 10 months later, success. When you look at what that Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman predicted, it falls in line with what he must have been advising Enron to do. How can one man be so wrong, with Enron, the largest American financial disaster and now Trump. Maybe they should think about him giving the Nobel Prize back, along with Obama’s, as you can clearly see, the Prize is of little value as it once was. I guess it compares to the progressive snowflakes view, everyone deserves a prize, don’t want these folks running to their safe place, just wouldn’t be fair.


Well, isn't THIS precious! new2 now recommends dementia and a demented president as the cure for what ails us. Sad. And it is SO sad how radical right-wingers have corrupted the meaning of "snowflake", when it is a term that exactly describes conservatives -- they are all white, they are cold, and when enough of them get together, they shut down public schools.


Yes, I guess you are correct, we seem to share a similar view. Trump has and will accomplish many things, as he promised. He has done more in ten months than Obama did in eight years, mostly correcting what he did do. Looks like economists you actually can trust, agree with the author and I as to what will happen in 2018. Paul krugman, advisor to Enron had a slightly different opinion of the Trump economy prior to the election. Trump said the market and economy will boom and it wouldn’t take long and this guy didn’t win a Nobel prize. Now we are looking for a four percent GDP, tax cuts, importing workers to be able to cover the new jobs being created, trillions to be repatriated and entered into the economy and this for starters. So yes, the author and I share views and why wouldn’t he, they are what is making the country great again. Jay Ambrose and New2lax. Coming back to lax when it warms up a bit.


Mr. Ambrose, we must assume, knows how to assemble a coherent sentence and paragraph, unlike somebody like new2, but he seems to share new2's incredibly vacuous sense of reasoning.

To wit: "The court long ago began discovering rights where there were none while rewriting American culture. " Perhaps Ambrose should share with us some of those "discovered" rights that he feels are bogus. It looks to me like if anybody is rewriting American culture, it is Ambrose himself with statements like this.

As for giving Trump credit for appointing radical conservative appellate court justices, I don't think that took any sort of effort or intellectual input at all from Trump. The honor goes to Mitch McConnell, who kept those positions vacant during the latter Obama years by refusing to consider Obama's candidates. He has set a precedent that will now probably politicize the federal courts for the foreseeable future, as Democrats inevitably will be at some point in charge of the House and Senate with a Republican president, and they will, in order to balance the extreme rightist courts McConnell created, save up judicial vacancies until they can put liberal judges into place.


new2lax, spoken like a true Dickdom, in Dickson form. LOL Pathetically funny and sad.


Climaxchoker and new2- the Kings of Dickdom. Any economic gains this past year have nothing to do with tRump. It is from the 8-year recovery Obama gave us after the Great Recession G.W. Bush gave us in 2008. Enjoy your short ride of "success" because your white trash flim-flam man tRump has us on a course to crash and burn.


Eight years and never see a 2% GDP, seems like the “Dicks” have it. Recessions last 9 to 18 months, my god the crash in 29 didn’t last as long. First off, Obama had no clue as to what he was doing, a paper route would have been more qualifying than his neighbor hood watch position. From day one Trump had it on the right track. When you add the 2500 dollar reduction from your health car plan, not having to pay a tax penalty and now a tax cut, your in fat city. Yes I’ll enjoy every moment of success on my way to the bank. This message is brought to you by the “Dickdom Boys”.


BS, StoCK market went up by a bigger % under Obama, # of jobs created never fell under 2 mil a year. 1.7 under dotard. You also said that under a 90% tax rate we accomplished nothing. That shows what an ignorant fool you are. We had the biggest economic boom in history. Guess you were drunk or high. The big decline in the working class started bigly under St Ronnie. His dementia started early with the trickle down krap. Talk about a golden shower.

A Veteran

tower the liar-----the reason the stock market did so well under Obama was for most of his term the fed was putting one trillion dollars a year into it ---fool...


ha! you are a funny one dickdom boy. Yes recent history into the Bush years showed us how not having a tax penalty and tax cut (remember the Bush tax cut?) which still hasn't taken effect, and no health care reform led us to fat city alright, but not for the working class, just the second worst recession ever. By the way nutsy the crash of 29 lasted almost a decade thanks to the republican policies of unregulated banking policies, reality check for ya. So thanks for the Dickdom message, we will know its about as believable as what comes out of Trump's mouth.


You libs are hilarious, a prominent liberal politician said a new president can’t take credit for the economy until he’s been in office for nine months.How long has Trump been in DC? Anyone with brains will tell you if the economy is doing well Trump will get re-elected , it’s soaring and you are are denying that’s important. Now you fools say something different, do any of you have a frikin clue? Think and say what you want, keep your head up your arse, it’ll still be there when Trump gets re-elected in 2020 when the economy is soaring.


hoaxer and ex-lax2 are just like their dear leader Trump. They all have to make a world up in their own mind that only they understand while the rest of us just shake our heads and wonder what universe they are in. They have no memory of recent history, only loyalty to their fascist party and echoing the alt right media is their realm of capability. Independent thought and critical thinking and a grasp of reality escapes their consciousness.


You hit the nail on the head there pal, we do have a memory that goes all the way back eight years, that’s the rub, don’t you see. Past eight years bad, years going forward, good.Even a “blockhead” such as yourself can see that.


Hate him all you narrow minded libs want. Growth is up, stock market is up, unemployment is down. What a breath of fresh air he is after Odummy, and what lyin Hillary would have been. Still waiting for my $2500.00 savings on my health care🤔🤔🤔🤔


tRump lacks any redeeming qualities of a human being, letalone a POTUS. He's a crook worse than Nixon or Harding, corrupt like Reagan & Bush 1, incompetent like Bush 2, a trifecta of Republican ineptitude. The last great ( not perfect) Republican to occupy The Oval Office was Dwight D. Eisenhower. He supported unions, fair wages, public schools, investment in our infrastructure, and taxing the ultra-wealthy appropriately.


Makes a person wonder why the unions are almost nonexistent being they have done so much for the country. Same with the school system, ranked lower than so many countries and at a cost which exceeds most if not all competing countries. Democrats have been in the majority for a much longer time than Republicans and look at our infrastructure, absolutely terrible. What happened when the rich had a90% tax rate, right, nothing. So you see, you got it all wrong. Democrats are not in power for a reason, I just listed a few. As for the pickup in Alabama, Putin could have won. Looks like we are looking at another, “knock your socks off year” in the market, GDP around 4%, bet you didn’t know it was possible, if you listened to that Nobel prize winner, Paul Krugman or that wiz, Mark Cuban.


This is why these left wing lunatics are where they are. Right before th eir eyes, the country has made a 180 and they fail to recognize it, even though every facet of their life has dramatically improved.All one really has to do is read a few of these posts and you would think these folks are certifiable mental cases and just maybe, the safe places they seem to need are justifiable. By any measure, the country is in a good place and it is thanks to the Trump Administration.


We certainly have made a 180 and are currently headed straight for a cliff.


yea right new2, the left wing are where they are. Just won another election in Alabama, and are poised to make big gains come next november. Yes the economy is in good shape, thanks to the Obama years that have carried over. This new tax plan doesn't take effect till next year so can't give credit there. How do you know about every facet of people's lives? Making such a blanket statement shows pure ignorance and stupidity on your part.

Tim Russell

He has probably won a few Golf matches as well.


Trump is crazy ,not a good leader,
he"s Fascist .,like Bannon, who he ,like Putin,
will never badmouth.


What a fawning piece of cr@p. Robin Williams was "kooky." Jim Carey is "kooky." Trump is unfit for the job.




Defeating himself every time he opens his mouth, Climate is trying a new tack, emoticons, thinking they will lift his intellectual standing on these posts.

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