If you’re thinking of raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, you need maximum compassion, and liberals don’t have it.

Promises of more money for lots of people can make voters ridiculously happy if they don’t understand that more for some always means less for others.

So the liberals get elected, do their thing and ruin lives of the poorest and most disadvantaged of our fellow citizens.

Jay Ambrose mug

Jay Ambrose

Here’s a big issue just underlined in a report by the bipartisan Congressional Budget Office. It says increasing the current $7.25 minimum wage by that much could fatten the wallets of 17 million workers.

That sounds great except that, maybe for 1.3 million others, it could bring their paychecks to zero. They could lose their jobs, knock on doors and probe the internet for maybe weeks and months and then possibly retire to watching TV and sighing a lot.

Such calculations are, of course, just educated guesses that other guesses of higher or less erudition may dispute.

The Heritage Foundation, for instance, says that a wage boost to $15 would affect a third of those earning wages and salaries and could put a devastating 7 million of them on the streets. The chief beneficiaries would be suburban teens and, some economists say, entrepreneurs would be made more timid.

The point is that businesses would have to come up with the extra money one way or the other, an obvious means being to lay people off, usually the less skilled sometimes replaceable by technology. The fired then don’t get the experience leading to better jobs in the future and won’t wish liberals a place in heaven.

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Businesses may also raise prices, thereby reducing purchasing power for people who often can’t afford the squeeze. The owners could also substitute part-time jobs for full-time jobs or, if nothing worked well, close their operations, a deprivation not just to them, but to other employees and the community.

Another issue is that a federal minimum wage of $15 might seem appropriate for the economy of one state or area while it would be malware for another.

But never mind. Right now, as you might have noticed, we’ve got a bunch of Democrats running in a primary that they hope will advance their cause of White House residence.

On this issue, they could opt for a lower minimum wage to help reduce the negatives, but at least 19 of the candidates like $15. An argument is that the current minimum wage has been squatting in a corner for years while wages in general have been stagnant. Some would have you know it’s all because of the greedy rich exploiting workers with Republican aid.

Nope. A Republican named President Donald Trump has raised wages, with unemployment rates reaching historic lows even as cheers of hallelujah fail to reach Democratic ears.

Trump’s tool was not governmental impositions making businesses seek a place to hide, but deregulation and tax reform. The economic system was free at last, or headed that way, and corporations expanded and created jobs.

Oh no, it didn’t happen, say the Democrats who lately have been giving socialism a hug and want to raise taxes on all those corporations, thereby undoing what Trump accomplished.

Their other plan is to spend like crazy. And look, one of Trump’s major weaknesses has been ignoring the debt, but these people could rush us to a crisis in a minute.

To help fix everything gone crazily amiss, there would be their minimum wage hikes and, soon enough, the public would realize they are on the Titanic even as an opportunistic captain keeps saying don’t worry.

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Jay Ambrose is an op-ed columnist for Tribune News Service. Readers may email him at speaktojay@aol.com.


(19) comments


Good column, spot on. Libs don’t mind hurting the poor if it gets them a few extra votes.


Too funny Z-Kok, that brown acid getting you smart?, particularly being a card carrying ,maga hat wearing Trump-Humper. Obviously lacking any formal education,it is not surprising the Zero missed world history. trump is closer to being a dictator, than any president our country has ever had. No wonder why he worships and is in Love with so many. despot killers of the world. Zerokok"s got good taste ,don"t he?, eating from the same bowl as Exlax,crank and the d-mama, wallowing in cluelessness, exceeded only by their own stupidity. What a way to live.

Rick Czeczok

This is your brain on drugs.

Rick Czeczok

See people how the socialist advocates on this board gang up on anyone who doesn't agree with them. Kind of reminds you of Germany in the 1930's. Socialism is a government style that is one leader away from becoming a dictatorship. Be careful what you ask for as you will never get back what we have in the US once you vote it out. Read up on how Germany ended up, as many of the young people do not know just how horrible that was. History has a way of repeating itself once forgotten. You can see right here on this board how they like to operate.


Oh, you are SO right, Ricky, as you always are. I am glad to see that you have joined your compatriot, D, with deep readings into history, particularly WWII and the run-up to it in Germany as Hitler led his country astray. I bet you have to keep restraining your arm from leaping rigidly out in a salute as you read. But you have inspired me with your profound observations here. From now on, when you, D, crank, Red, new2, and all the conservative and right-wing posters object to my opinions when I express them on here, I am going to report you to the Tribune for unfairly ganging up on me. Either that or I will simply reveal the facts that I base my opinions on, as so many of us do every day, and if you can provide countervailing facts that prove me wrong, I will live with it. You are so foolish, most of the right-wingers on here I assume cringe when you open your mouth, so I doubt they look to you for leadership. But if that is the gang you are leading, you are the true Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight.


RickyBoy has woken from his stupor to add a bit of his well known refined wit and wisdom to the conversation.


DMommy has already been schooled on social stratification. She knows that only the outliers in a class move beyond their class. Yes, the poor can get less poor. But not rich. If you were born middle class you will stay middle class. Not rich. This is certainly not Trump's fault, but the fact that it is getting even MORE difficult is his fault. Tax breaks that favor the rich and cripple the middle class make it so. Dmommy also forgets that there are many who cannot do for themselves ; the very old, the young, the mentally and physically handicapped. Wounded war veterans. Victims of disease and accident. Funny story. There are elderly living in the Coulee Region right now about to lose house and home over taxes. They worked hard all their life, paid their taxes, helped built schools, churches, built a community. Saved their money just like the good book says. But lost it all to health costs, inflation, higher taxes, you name it. Do republicans care? No, it is YOUR fault if you didn't become a Doctor or a Lawyer. This is the main difference between those socialist (scary word!) Democrats and the heartless republicans--- Democrats wish to see an expansion of the social safety net and the republicans wish to see it gone. The GOP sees that NOBODY deserves it. Except for the rich.


DMoney stands for :"Dead Beat Dad" and the dude brags about being one. Sad ,depressed and ill-informed ain"t no way to go through your life. Too funny .... he is one of the poor,misbegotten souls ,exactly like Exlaxtoo, who was so "left far behind" and subsequently receiving it from behind, with the gross inability, to fathom the difference. Too funny....a true hard core Trump-Humper, who can"t get dressed in California and has no place to go in western Wisconsin. That is what Fox "News" does to you, 24/7.


*do F****** phone


"So the liberals get elected, do their thing and ruin lives of the poorest and most disadvantaged of our fellow citizens." Ahem, it was under REPUBLICAN "leadership" that thousands of people lost their homes and their life savings when the banksters crashed the economy. And it is under REPUBLICAN "leadership" that homelessness, poverty and and income inequality are exploding. But Ambrose will ignore facts and lay all the ills of the world at the feet of Democrats.


We'll, yeah. With more freedom and less regulation, the cream tends to float to the top and the weak will settle. Luckily, there are programs to help the weak be sustained and hopefully become more cream-like. I know that burns your buns, and I feel a little bad saying it. But it's the truth.


with less regulation the rich become much richer,the working class and poor become poorer. Its called trickle down. You may think its great, thinking you are going to get your share of the cream forever because you are so smart. Then the dismantling of those programs to help the "weak" as you call them comes next. Its called an oligarchy. Much the way Russia is now run. I would rather have a true democracy where the people come first, all work is rewarded fairly, and the super rich have no more say so in government than the average joe or jane. May sound far fetched to you, but that doesn't mean we should stop trying.


Never happen. The rich control this country and the world. I understand that makes you bitter. Makes me bitter too. All we can control is our reaction.


Thusly, the weak ought to follow the example of the previous millions of weak who got stronger. It is possible, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to so it. Work hard, so the right things, be disciplined, plan, adapt. If some people don't have those attributes--well--it is what it is.


D, re your 9:42pm post, have you ever considered designing a Dale Carnegie course to teach this splendid, inspiring life lesson you outline here, which is sort of like teaching us how to be a sad sack and like it?


again D shows his cowardice when it comes to working for fairness and justice. He makes the conclusion that its never going to happen, the rich will always be the center of power, no use even trying, just throw your hands up and let them have what they want. Well there are those of us who chose to think otherwise. Those who think it is possible to have fair economic policies don't give up and succumb to our worst instincts. What D doesn't understand is that unfettered capitalism requires most people become poor in order to benefit those at the top of the economic pyramid. You can't have everyone becoming millionaires, only a certain number. And those at the bottom aren't weak. That kind of condescending attitude is why D is lacking in character and dignity and any real substance.

A Veteran

matian-----you also do not believe in free speech nor do you believe in rule of law(You seem to think you can do as you want) you do believe in open borders .Now when will you tell us what type of fictitious business you imagine you own ??????????????????


D assures us that "Luckily, there are programs to help the weak be sustained and hopefully become more cream-like." It is SUCH a comfort, coming from a guy who on most posts carps about just about every program the government runs to help the disadvantaged. With less regulation, the rich can run rampant, as they did with the mortgage crisis, get richer off it while it creams the rest of us. We don't want no stinkin' regulations. No sir! That would be like trying to control the rich who have entirely too much control of this country. We wouldn't want to do that, would we, D?


D thinks he got it all figured out homey. At his young age and his indoctrination into the GOP way of thinking he has all the world's problems solved and tied up in a neat little bundle. His views are brash, self centered, and condescending . Its no wonder he likes Trump.

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