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This is a great essay. Mr. Christianson is probably more than a decade younger than me. I was holding down jobs at 85 cents to a buck-fifteen an hour through much of college, and was thrilled to make two bucks an hour in summer factory jobs. The hardest were waiting on people at a soda fountain, cleaning factory bathrooms and working in a warehouse. Like him, I got through college debt-free. And, I agree, you could not do it today, because higher education costs have risen too high. We see low wage jobs disappearing with artificial intelligence and robotic workers right and left. We see white collar professions hit by this, too, most notably lawyers, soon to be medical doctors. We have to wake up to this reality. We already live in a world of stark economic inequity right here, in the supposedly richest nation in the world, wherein a tiny percentage of the people control 80 percent of the wealth. I love and honor capitalism, but it simply has to adjust itself soon, as it did shortly after the turn of the last century, or we are going to have violence and anarchy that will make the January 6 insurrection at the U.S. capitol look like a family picnic.

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