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Jim Naugler

Jim Naugler

The biggest differences between men and women are stereotypes confirmed by myth.

For decades, books and articles cite the same statistic: women utter 20,000 words a day; men 7,000 words — which actually is genuine fake news.

A linguist, who spent his life studying speech, traced this statistic to a 1993 marriage guidance pamphlet that cites no source because there is none.

A meta-analysis of multiple studies shows a negligible difference between the number of words men and women speak each day. Men, however, have the edge in any heated argument because they always insist on having the last words —“I’m sorry.”

Fact: Japanese women struggle to adjust to their retired husbands. Sixty percent of the wives of retirees suffer from “One’s husband being home stress syndrome.”

After years of study, researchers found the cause: Japan’s critical shortage of golf courses. But critics justifiably claim the researchers reached their conclusion after drinking too much sake.

While there are more measurable similarities than differences between the sexes, men regularly interrupt women (known to women worldwide as “conversation interruptus”).

Lastly, 80 percent of men would marry the same person but only 50 percent of women would. Here, women have the edge over men — they learn from their mistakes.


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I think Mr. Naugler suffers from white male, guilt complex. He needs to seek help.


I work in a place where about 80% of the employees are women. To say that there isn't a huge disparity between the number of words spoken by women vs. men is nonsense. The author stated that it was just fake news, without stats to prove it.With some of my female coworkers, its as if every single thought just HAS to be verbalized. Give me a break!

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