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Jim Naugler: Life’s little quandaries.

Jim Naugler: Life’s little quandaries.

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“Ethel, you won’t believe the dream I had last night,“ said Fred. “I was in a runaway trolly car hurtling down the track heading towards five people. If I pulled a lever, the trolly would divert to a side track. Unfortunately, I saw a person on the side track.

“Here’s where the dream went off the rails: If I did nothing, the five people would die; if I pulled the lever, the five people would live but the person on the side track would be killed.”

“How awful,” said Ethel. “So, what did you decide?”

“I decided to wake-up.”


Philosopher, Immanuel Kant, insisted that telling the truth is an absolute and unconditional duty.

What if the significant other, elegantly dressed for a party, asks you how she looks from the back? If she looks great, you tell the truth—she looks great. If she looks fine…from 500 feet away, you still must tell the truth—she looks great.


“Fred, should I tell Eunice I just saw her husband making googly eyes while dining with a gorgeous blond half his age?”

“What if Eunice told you the same thing about me?”

“Eunice doesn’t do make believe.”


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