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Jim Naugler

Jim Naugler

Time for some comfort news:

Seeking to improve passenger safety, Delta tightened the rules for support animals.

Now, the customer must sign a document confirming the animal will behave in the cabin or risk being barred from boarding or removed from the plane.

Better rule: The support animal cannot exceed six inches in height and must be battery operated.

Elsewhere in the news, New Jersey is the last state to bar drivers from pumping their own gas. In 2012, 63 percent of voters supported the law.

New Jerseyans know a scam when they see one. If the price of gas is the same if you pump it or they pump it, why would you pump it for free just to get less service?

Which brings our discussion to one of the most durable life forms ever discovered — the American cockroach.

Scientists are decoding the genome of the cockroach for the benefit of mankind. They want to understand the cockroach’s ability to regenerate lost limbs.

Human studies could pose a problem. Guaranteed, every test subject will volunteer for the control group. No one wants to risk growing a leg — a cockroach leg is really ugly.

Caution: Cockroaches are insects, not support animals.

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