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Jim Naugler: The trifecta of these tough times

Jim Naugler: The trifecta of these tough times

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Jim Naugler

Jim Naugler

The three amigos of tough times are worry, stress and anxiety.

Worry happens in your mind; stress happens in your body and anxiety happens from overdosing on worry and stress.

Worry begins by dwelling on negative thoughts and ends by thinking about a solution:

Psychologist to patient: “Don’t worry about what ‘they’ say. I spoke with ‘them’ and ‘they’ never heard of you.”

First guy: “I’m worried my memory is shot from playing too long without a helmet.”

Second guy: “Relax, Herb. Miniature golf is not a contact sport.”

Stress is a physical reaction to environmental forces that exceeds a person’s resources.

Stress is facing a hungry bear while gripping your only weapon—a salmon.

You know you’re under chronic stress if you can’t stop eating unsalted seaweed chips a year after the expiration date.

Anxiety is a response to a false alarm: You feel your job’s threatened when it’s not or you flunked a test when you did (not all false alarms are false).

To reduce anxiety, experts recommend saying “No” to that sixth cup of coffee. Stop mainlining sugar. Count sheep.

I ran out of sheep so I switched to toes. It didn’t help. I only counted nine toes.


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