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Conspiracies. Secret societies. Witch hunts.

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During the past year, we’ve heard reference to all of the above to explain away any suggestion of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia in the 2016 presidential election.

Allegedly, there’s a secret society within the Federal Bureau of Investigation aimed at deposing President Donald Trump. This bit of conspiracy theorizing is thanks to some 50,000 text exchanges between two FBI officials involved in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation — Peter Strzok and Lisa Page — who were deeply critical of Trump during the campaign, even mentioning a now-debunked hush-hush society. At least one text also suggested that the two were dedicated to preventing Trump’s election.

It is little wonder that Trump and many of his fellow Republicans concluded that the investigation is corrupt. But then, the two were equally aghast at the prospect of Bernie Sanders’ election. That they mocked the selection of a “Duck Dynasty” star to speak at the Republican National Convention is hardly conclusive evidence of malice. That they are fools seems incontestable, but whether this is enough to condemn the whole agency or to impugn the investigation is definitively not.

There are lots of other dots in this constellation of rumor and innuendo, as well as documented facts and events that can be easily corroborated. Objectively, it is neither conjecture nor conspiracy to observe that the president strikes a defensive pose every time a well-sourced story reveals something that could seem incriminating. Indeed, he has become Clintonesque, reflexively dodging and covering up, whether he needs to or not.

“Fake news,” has become the car alarm of Trump’s administration — meaningless and loud. Thus, the question is whether Trump is hiding something, an obvious inference, or whether his objectively observable narcissistic personality means he can’t tolerate even a suggestion that he may be at fault. The narcissist’s first instinct is always to blame others. Combined with his excessive need for admiration, another narcissistic trait, it is conceivable that Trump punches back as a function of a personality disorder.

Whatever the verdict, either possibility inspires shivers.

Following are the facts thus far:

First, Trump fired FBI Director James Comey last May — after, according to Comey, Trump had asked him for loyalty and to drop the probe into ex-national security adviser Michael Flynn, whose three-week tenure ended upon revelations that he had lied about conversations with Russia’s U.S. ambassador. Flynn subsequently pleaded guilty to lying in exchange for his cooperation with the Russia investigation.

Whatever Romeo and Juliet may have fantasized, this episode is factual.

Trump also asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to not recuse himself from the Justice Department’s investigation into possible collusion. But Sessions did recuse himself for sound reasons and, for a brief spell, became a target of Trump’s Twitter feed.

Then Trump began pressuring Sessions to fire acting-FBI Director Andrew McCabe, tweeting that McCabe’s wife, Jill, had received $700,000 from the Clintons for her 2015 run for a Virginia state Senate seat. His implication was that McCabe couldn’t possibly be objective if his wife was supported by the Clinton machine. Life teaches us that untrustworthy people or people lacking personal integrity always suspect that others are the same. The truth is, Jill McCabe received about $500,000 from a political action committee affiliated with then-Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe. Though true that Bill Clinton and McAuliffe are talk-everyday friends, the conclusion that McCabe is, therefore, a dishonest broker seems a long and winding road to a dead end. His wife, for what it’s worth, lost.

Then, a few days ago, reports surfaced that Trump had ordered the firing of Mueller last June. When White House Counsel Don McGahn threatened to quit rather than carry out the command, the president backed off. Meanwhile, we also learned that Mueller wants to interview Trump about Flynn, Comey and the president’s outreach to several top Republicans to quickly end the Senate Intelligence Committee’s own investigation into possible Russian collusion in the election.

So what is one to think? In these instances when Trump has felt threatened, he has fired or sought to fire investigative chiefs and has apparently pressured others to either end probes or, in Sessions’ case, implicitly to intercede. None of this is proof that he has done anything wrong. In fact, some would say he has acted well within his powers and has the right to drain the swamps as alligators permit.

But you’d be a damned fool not to conclude that Donald Trump has something to hide.

Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker can be reached at


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"’d be a damned fool not to conclude that Donald Trump has something to hide." The damned fools will are lining up to post their defenses of the Donald.


Exactly my thoughts cassandra! Let the worshipers of their modern day messiah, donald Trump, start the trash talking of their fake news sites and conspiracies begin!! Oh this is gonna be funny!

Rick Czeczok

Suprise you two agree. HAHAHAHAH
Bet she wishes that she would have waited on this story, now that the new news has come out about FBI head firing. Stay tuned for the release of the document 14 pages of pure Dem trouble. Hillbillary has got to be starting to get a bit worried now. Rightfully so!!!


Rick, I thought you dumped the Tribune subscription! Are you freeloading on here? Typical right wing free luncher. Your reading of current events here is typically around the bend, too.


Surprisingly, I haven't even been called out by the Russian bots for my typo.

Rick Czeczok

Ah, you're the one that does that sir. By the way your not a girl.


Hey "Czeczok", can you prove Cassandra is not a girl or are you just upset and mouthing off again?

Rick Czeczok

Four pages are going to be released, that I think will show the misguided law enforcement agency and the heads of this agency, committing very serious crimes. I believe it will anger me, but if I were you I would be outraged and feel betrayed. You believe in a party because they have told you what they believe in, and how they are for the good of America. Only to find out it was all lies, and what really counts is power and money. I also believe in a party also, but have never let myself to believe that everything they say can be taken with anything but a grain of salt. The next few days I don't think that anyone wins, and we all loose. All because of power mongers and money grabbers.


rick you are just another wishful thinking conspiracy nut just like buggs. Trump is releasing these documents in hopes of building a case to fire Meuller. Trump is feeling the heat and is striking out. Just like Nixon, Trump is going on offense to discredit the investigation into his crooked administration.


Yes, Rick, in the next few days, now that this EXPLOSIVE 3 1/2 page report is out, we will see the military police vans backing up to the Capitol steps and emptying the criminal Democratic element out of the building in handcuffs. Should we all erupt in celebratory cheers? No, you are right again, as you have so inimitably and sagely told us, we all "loost" in this, making us all "loosers". Why, oh why, can't we follow the example of TRUE Americans who are NOT power mongers and money grabbers, people like the Koch brothers who are humbly pulling together $600 million to push their candidates in the 2018 Congressional elections, hoping to elect honest, loyal men and women who will clear the way to make it a little easier for the Koch boys to make another $100 billion bucks. The $100 billion they have now might seem like a lot, but you and I know you can never have enough money, and if the Koch boys get their way, neither of is likely to have enough ever again for the rest of our lives. Thank you, Rick, for your wonderful input here. It is most enlightening. Have you paid for your Tribune subscription yet, or are you still freeloading?

Rick Czeczok

Where is your proof of this(not just speculation and hearsay). The proof and facts are going more towards a coverup on the Obama white house and Hillbilly lady. Stinky brains (old timer) worry about yourself and you will find your life is much easier. Now go take your brain bath that the Dr. ordered.


wow one of the best posts yet by rick the russian bot. Where is your proof? How is that "secret society" working out for ya. Or that uranium one deal going for ya? where is your proof? You russian Trumpsters are desperate for a big reason to get rid of the Meuller investigation. Keep dreaming and wishing, aint gonna happen. Now go drink your vodka and eat your borst, think happy thoughts of Putin.

Rick Czeczok

Give it until the release of these 4 pages. That will be proof. I know you will find some excuse though. I know this because you have been watching CNN and the case they started to build immediately. To end, I must mention that you have to attack and add your negative thoughts to make yourself feel and look like someone. Feel sorry for you, please, please get help.


wrong again comrade russian, I don't have cable so no CNN for me. It does sound like you watch it religiously however. Your always have to add negative comments on your posts, I feel sorry for you. You sure think this four page release is the end all. You will be sadly mistaken.

Rick Czeczok

Still cowering behind a fake name I see. Grow a set.


still cowering behind your ignorance I see. Grow up!


Careful kingman10, "Czeczok" claims he retired when he was 69 years of age and yet his hobby is playing on the internet everyday. Sounds a little far fetched to me. (However, I could see a retired County worker who once ran for Mayor doing that. But that's just my opinion) . Cut "him" a little slack you may give him a heart attack. He needs an outlet for his name calling.


If he wants to play the name calling game, I will play that too. Seen his type a lot over the years, after all the bluster and bravado, there isn't much substance, just whiner crying for his mamma.

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