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Mr. Holmberg, thank you for one of the wisest, most penetrating essays I have read this or any year. It can be cheap stuff to allege that people are acting like Nazis, but you have made a sound and wise observation that there are very disquieting movements in our nation and many others that indicate people are being attracted once again to that odious form of governance. I am especially grateful for the way you very importantly articulated the following:

"Powerful methods of indoctrination also seem to be more operative, including words and terms to unleash them, similar to those used in Germany in the 1930s.

"--The hailed cheers of “Shock and Awe” from the White House promoters for the assault on Iraq, loses its glory in the context it occurred. Now, deemed unwarranted, this pre-emptive attack, the first in our 214-year history, violated international law and fell outside the values of our nation.

"--The word soldier is no longer adequate, apparently being replaced by the argot ‘warrior, ostensibly having more pictorial value. The achievements of the soldiers identified in the Charles Province poem, “lt is The Soldier,” were accomplished by bravery, not nomenclature.

"--A portrayal of a compassionate or kind act, has for years, been summed up in a power context by a TV newscaster [smarmy ABC camera hog David Muir] as 'America strong,' presumably to render it more valuable. Recently, a newscast replacement described it as 'kindness matters.' Hopefully, she replaces him more often."

Bravo and thank you.

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