Scenic Bluffs Community Health Centers is calling on elected officials to ensure that the state budget addresses the needs of the patients and communities we serve.

Mari Freiberg


In 2018, Cashton-based Scenic Bluffs served 7,027 patients, 68% of whom have incomes below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level, providing medical, dental, chiropractic, behavioral health and substance-abuse services in western Wisconsin. Affordable access to both health-care coverage and care at Scenic Bluffs has made an impact on the ability of our patients to work.

Our number one priority is to expand access to coverage and care.

Medicaid expansion would allow more people with income limitations to access oral health, behavioral health and substance-abuse services.

Because dental insurance is not available in Marketplace plans, there are 82,000 additional people who could access dental services with Medicaid expansion.

Additionally, an estimated 40,000 people who are currently uninsured would have access to medical coverage. Locally, that translates into 2,410 people covered and $80 million into the primary counties we serve, according to the County Fact Sheets published by the Department of Health Services.

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What we see is that folks often need to overcome health related barriers to be able to get back into the workforce.

Medicaid expansion also allows funding for programs that would be particularly beneficial for Scenic Bluffs’ patients, like extending coverage for post-partum women for a year, making investments in dental care, building a dental therapy program, and starting to address health-impacting factors like housing.

Scenic Bluffs Community Health Centers is a non-profit, community-based primary health-care provider, caring for western Wisconsin.

Scenic Bluffs accepts most private insurance, Wisconsin Medicaid, Medicare and those without insurance. A sliding-fee scale program, called the Healthy Neighbor Plan, is offered to all individuals to help make care more affordable.

Scenic Bluffs has Health Centers in both Cashton and Norwalk, dental services in Viroqua and behavioral health services in Sparta.

For more information on Scenic Bluffs Community Health Center, please visit www.scenicbluffs.org, or call 608-654-5100.

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(13) comments


If you want to convince welfare skeptics to consider expansion, you must prove the claims of recipients re-entering the workplace. What percentage? What's the economic impact vs. cost (ROI)? People who need from the state ought to be expected to contribute back to the state. Show us.


Check this perspective $$ man: https://lacrossetribune.com/opinion/columnists/vince-hatt-church-should-keep-the-focus-on-serving-the/article_f8873da5-8a85-5ef2-8cc4-de98ac11421b.html


The church, good will, charity, etc. have nothing to do with the expansion of Medicaid. One is voluntary and of free will; the other is of government mandate and coercion. When you remove choice from the equation, any otherwise noble cause becomes sinister.


Do I get a "choice" in funding the next war that is based on lies? Do I get a "choice" whether the fire department will be allowed to put out the blaze at your house? I don't like being coerced into spending tax dollars on things I find abhorrent.


Ah, yes, PROVE to D-Bag and the rest of the profiteers that they will get a return on investment. And THAT, folks, is precisely the problem with republican health care in America.


Profiteers? I'm talking about net tax contributors. Which is the majority of all Americans. I'm talking about repayment in the form of being clean of drugs and proving an effort to seek employment. Being a decent parent. Becoming a contributor rather than a taker. Is that really such a problem C bag? Or are you really suggesting that people should be kept down?


I'm suggesting that you see the "people" as a resource to be monetized and exploited for profit. Your words support my suggestion.


You are wrong. I'm not seeking profit--just contribution. Prove the contribution to society and I'm for this 100%.


Cassandra, D is correct, it’s called PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, and the more freebies we give people the less of it we have. Imagine, if people were required to be held responsible for their actions, the world would be a practical utopia


Thank you for making my point for me, D-Bag.


I see no point, C-bag, just your painfully poor attempt to justify giving more money to people who could easily be wasting it. I said I'm not against welfare programs. I'd even be ok with expanding them. Just prove it's not being squandered. Is that really so much to ask?


Since you see no need for accountability, you are on the government dole yourself, or you have no clue what this country was built on, or you’re a millionaire and couldn’t care less about the average taxpayer footing these freebies. How about consider THEIR hardships at least once in a while.


The Hoaxer, a well known and avowed racist, proves once again that he has no idea "what this country was built on".

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