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Here we go again. Why on earth would the County spend $28,000 on a "preliminary architectural study" when the project made no sense from a practical point of view?


"Offsetting these costs would require maintaining a census of 12 youth from other counties and charging a daily rate..." I found this passage particularly interesting. It is reflective of the move toward for profit prisons across the nation. It's a business model that monetizes the incarcerated, making the need for creating more and more "criminals" to keep the business funded.

Rick Czeczok

More studies paid for. That always gets things done. When will LaCrossse city and county learn how to walk and chew bubblegum at the same time and without someone holding their hand. New people are obviously needed to run these entities.


Comrade Zerocock would rather leap into expensive projects or forego them entirely rather than actually conduct a study to determine need and feasibility.

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