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I’m traveling to Washington, D.C., Thursday where I will have the privilege of meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House. And I mean that — it’s a privilege.

Tony Evers


There are plenty of issues President Trump and I don’t agree on. I don’t support shutting down our government over a border wall. I’ve been disgusted by his offensive remarks about women, immigrants and veterans, among others. I’m tired of rancor and politics as usual.

But at the end of the day, I respect the office of the president of the United States. And I also know I have a job to do.

I believe the people of Wisconsin elected me because I said I will work with anyone -- doesn’t matter if they’re a Republican or a Democrat -- I just want to get things done for Wisconsin families. But I also believe Wisconsinites elected me because I will always put people before politics.

The bottom line is that the federal government is an important partner in addressing issues like funding our public schools, fixing our crumbling roads and infrastructure, protecting our natural resources and ensuring that healthcare is affordable and protects people with pre-existing conditions.

At the same time, we can’t afford to have the president of the United States attacking Wisconsin institutions like Harley-Davidson, and we can’t afford to have our cranberry and dairy industries suffering because of President Trump’s tariffs.

The effects of these decisions have been devastating for Wisconsin families, farmers and businesses.

The people of our state deserve a governor who is focused on solving problems, not picking petty, political fights,

But the people also deserve a governor who won’t back down when Wisconsin jobs and families are on the line. And on Nov. 6, Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike chose that kind of leader when they elected me to serve as the next governor of Wisconsin.

When I meet with President Trump Thursday, I will greet him with that Plymouth kindness and respect. I’ll shake his hand and I’ll thank him for the privilege of visiting the White House. Because, as I’ve said all along, I think I can work across the aisle to get things done for our state.

But if President Trump’s policies continue to negatively affect Wisconsin families, I won’t cater to his demands or waver from my position. I will not be a doormat. I will fight for our state, our families and our values.

It is a new day in Wisconsin.

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Democrat Tony Evers is governor-elect of Wisconsin.


(26) comments


Its nice the Fibune now has comments turned off on all the reader letters. The letters selected to print are running 10 to 1 bashing Walker and Trump with comments turned off.

Sad state of journalism.

Buffet should have let Lee Enterprises go bankrupt again...he could have bought the whole sorry lot for pennies.


Has it occurred to you, Red, that perhaps the people who are most angered at the corrupt behavior of the governor and the president are people intelligent enough to voice their opinions? That has nothing to do with journalism. Nor does the opportunity to agree or disagree with letters to the editor. If you think you have a seriously viable argument in support of the criminal behavior of Mr. Walker or Mr. Trump, write a letter to the editor. Nobody's stopping you, and I am guessing the editor who handles the letters section would be relieved that a few people would have the courage or gall -- beauty is in the eye of the beholder -- to publicly try to make such a case. It would be printed.


Yeah, Tony, see him now before you need to go through the hassle of a prison visit.


Wisconsin farmers have been going broke for decades and its about time someone (Trump) tries to fight back. Will it work? Time will tell.

Evers, of course, would rather continue to wave the white flag and just have farmers continue to accept the crumbs and subsidies tossed to them.


OH tell us redwall how you know this about Evers? He hasn't even been in office one day, even one minute, and you are going to start bashing him. Meanwhile we know what Trump's tariffs have done to the farmers income, but you still dance to his tune and heap praise upon him. Could it be you are a little partisan, after claiming not to be? Talk about crumbs tossed to the farmers, what do you think about Trump's 12 billion in subsidies to farmers recently? Some got an extra 2 cents a bushel on corn. Wonder what they will do with all that extra money, which by the way we had to borrow from China. Yes those republican crumbs make everything so much better.


Let's see, Martian, if Red will have the cajones to answer you on this.


Hmm. Didn't Evers run on a substantial platform of alternative plans to those of Walker and the Republicans? And didn't a majority of voters vote for Evers and his plans? So why do you think the Republican legislature skulked in at midnight and voted to take away powers from the next governor so that the new governor could not implement his plans? And why did the totally corrupted lame duck Gov. Walker sign that legislation into power? Or did you miss all of that, Red, with all your close readings of the news?


Because Evers presented no alternate plan. Just the usual left wing obligatory trash needed to get his letter printed in the fibune.


500 farms closed in 2017. Currently 2 or 3 close every day.
Tariffs have consequences, but the misfit malcontents, like redswall or duncan cannot see it ?

Tommy Duncan

The campaign is over Tony. You won. There was no need to send out a campaign speech bashing the opposition and praising yourself. That's just partisan politics.


Whaaaat Tommy? He said it was a privileged to meet the president even though he disagrees with him on many issues. Now tell me what campaign speech bashing are you talking about? What is partisan about that. Its just stating the obvious, but still be respectful, the way politics should be.


Oh boo hoo.


My goodness, see today's headlines! Why everyone is writing the demise of Trump. He got caught red handed. He is in deep legal doo doo! Even his crooked family is in for it. It is sad that we had to elect another crooked that only cares about his fortune and legacy. Nixon II as I like to call Donald will have a very tough next year as president. Hope he sees the light, and resigns, giving orders to Pence to pardon him once in office. I would be satisfied with that. ONly thing that matters is what is good for the country, and its obvious Nixon II is not.


Yep. Nixon II.


You must be young and stupid because you lack the wisdom and knowledge of history that would have precluded such a comparison.


Give us a history lesson, Red. I would be interested in seeing what you have to say.


Apparently Red's reading of history is not deep enough to get back here and give us that history lesson.


Well, I for one don't want to see the impeachment proceedings to start. Trump certainly has been caught in enough legal issues to warrant impeachment, but what is the sense of putting him on trial if you know the Senate would never convict him? Either wait out the next two years and send him packing through the next election, or at least wait until evidence of far worse crimes arise that even GOP senators cannot ignore them, thus making an impeachment trial truly bi-partisan, the trial that Richard Nixon faced and decided to resign rather than go through with it. We cannot let Trump take a huge core of angry, aggrieved and rabid followers with him as he is forced from office.


oldhomey - the impeachment process is going to be bi-partisan no matter when it commences. (if it does). I've always believed there is never a wrong time to do the right thing. Why wait until there is evidence of "far worse crimes"? What would be worse than treason and money laundering in this case? The thought of impeachment proceedings failing when the Republicans tried to get rid of Clinton didn't stop them from trying. You can argue until the crows come home whether it helped him or hurt him. The fact is, I believe, it tarnished his legacy forever and it installed that shadow of a doubt whether he was a good President in the eyes of the American people. In that respect, the Republicans won even if the American people lost. We need to hold everyone responsible who engage in criminal activity and I for one never want to delay that accountability to prove actions legitimate or not. Silence is condoning. Actions can be sorted out in the legal system and I'm more concerned with Justice being served than timing. To this day I'm not sure in the case of Nixon nor Clinton that Justice was attained. No matter how it's handled there are going to be people on both sides that are unhappy and time probably isn't going to changes their minds nor their votes . All of that being said, I still want to send those people in the Trump administration packing for other reason as well.


I agree caped. We can't just ignore the crimes committed by Trump just because some believe the senate will never convict him. That is the process we have to hold a president accountable and it should never be shelved because of politics. As more Trump crimes are revealed, the stronger the case for impeachment and conviction. Sometime early next year would be the time to bring impeachment proceedings against him. It is doubtful that justice will be carried out in full, but we have to try. Our democracy depends on it, our republic needs us to be ever vigilant in upholding its laws against all corruption .


Why wait until there is evidence of "far worse crimes"?

caped, being impeached does not mean being removed from office. It means you will go before the Senate, which will judge whether there is in its eyes sufficient reason to remove the impeached president from office. At this time, the votes are not there in the Senate to remove Trump from the presidency on the evidence that has shown up thus far. He will simply plead that he was trying to protect his wife and family from the embarrassment of the charges of infidelity made by the two women. Does that sound at all familiar to the case of Bill Clinton's impeachment?

I want to see Trump removed from office, but I want it to be a forceful removal, either by the decision of the next election, or because more indictable charges are placed against him with substantial evidence to bolster those charges. I don't want a deep residue of resentment to linger with the substantial number of people who support Trump. I want them to see and know that he was removed from office for impeccable reasons, so that there is no room for more argument in the future. Nobody, to my recollection, carried a serious torch for Nixon once he left office, though I know a few people personally who complained bitterly that he was unfairly treated. I can live with that.

Of course we all want accountability, but there is no accountability if we rush to put Trump's future in front of the U.S. Senate because there are enough votes to impeach him in the House. It won't mean a thing if the Senate will not vote to hold him accountable, and right now, it has the votes to do so, leaving him to continue his disastrous presidency.


Martian, I will agree with you and will be behind a vote in the House to impeach Trump if new evidence comes to light that are more shocking than that Donald Trump is a serial skirt-chaser who was willing to pay off his doxies to keep them from talking in public about their affairs with him. Until that evidence arises, however, I say let's hold our horses on the rush to impeach.


Oldhomey - I think we are kind of tap dancing around saying the same thing. I'm old enough to have lived through the Clinton proceedings as well as Nixons. The point I'm making isn't whether he gets impeached for fiddling around with a couple of women that he paid off. Treason and money laundering is the end game Mueller is pursuing in order to induce criminal activity proceedings. Mueller and myself don't care about embarrassing Donald Trump. He takes care of that all on his own. Mueller has admitted his mistakes during his work on the ENRON fiasco and I guarantee you he doesn't want to make those mistakes again. I believe Mueller even has a plan in place if he get's fired by Trump. We all know when the process can start... the important thing is how it ends. I'm hoping Trump gets his retribution whenever it occurs.


You're absolutely right, what is important is how it all will end. I believe Trump is so reckless that it is pretty likely that he has left fingerprints, hand prints, footprints and even self-incriminating selfies behind at the scene of some pretty serious crimes. My only point is that it does no good to go charging in and impeaching him on the first evidence you have in hand when you know you have a jury that won't convict on the strength of the early evidence. Let's wait for a few months for Mueller to finish up, and after the Dems take over the House. They may be the finishing touch needed by using subpoena powers to look at his tax returns. I want Trump signed, sealed and delivered out of our lives. I don't want to see him skulk out of an impeachment trial in which he is not convicted.

By the time this is over I think we will see Robert Mueller become a stellar figure in American history. He is an outstanding human being, tireless, incorruptible and a true hero both as a military man and as a public servant.


Oh yes. It will take some time yet before it's over. The tax situation is a complete mess and the shady evasion tactics are what I believe is taking this long. Let's not forget "Q" was making the prediction that it would be over in August. :)


Evers you sound like a governor that Walker could never be. Willing to stand up for all people of wisconsin, willing to speak out against actions that hurt this state, and having the guts stand up to anyone who puts politics before the people. Walker could never say or do that, he was controlled wholly by the GOP tea party crowd, bought off by the Kochs, and only cared about the special interests who contributed to his campaign coffers. And then he wonders why he got booted out of office.

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