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You are correct Trump did say it would be good and easy, he did not say it would be without short term pain. The trade deal with China took 50 years of poor negotiating prior to Trump, it will take less than three years to get them in line, well worth the effort and the vast majority think so as well. Protecting information will save billions alone.

Rick Czeczok

Now this worthless paper is bringing in opinions from Chicago trib. Yeah that's not a bias based paper at all. No wonder this once viable, health, paper is penny stock paper is almost ready to file chapter 11, with this kind of one sided BS.


Speak up if you've experienced personal economic pain as a result of the trade war. And provide proof. I've thrived, personally.

Rick Czeczok

Anyone who has not done well the last two years, has absolutely no financial sense whatsoever. Even a blind squirrel found a mound of nuts in this time period. Thank you Mr. President, keep up the great work.

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