THUMBS UP to the La Crosse Common Council for its unanimous approval last week of the proposed $42 million renovation and expansion of the La Crosse Center.

This took far too long, but thanks to some collaborative leadership, plenty of public hearings and a fair amount of patience, it’s time to finish the details and get moving.

This project will restore the center as the gem of western Wisconsin and a cornerstone of economic development for the La Crosse region.

Our vibrant downtown — with nearly 500 new hotel rooms — is going through an amazing renaissance, and a larger, brighter La Crosse Center will keep that momentum rolling.

THUMBS UP to a new deal that maintains WisconsinEye and its watchful eye on our state’s political doings.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald signed a four-year contract Friday with the nonprofit WisconsinEye Public Affairs Network — think of it as the Badger version of C-SPAN.

The agreement is good news for government transparency. It allows WisconsinEye to continue to mount cameras in the Capitol, so taxpayers can watch legislative hearings, committee meetings and news conferences to stay informed in the spirit of openness.

“We are excited to continue providing nonpartisan, gavel-to-gavel coverage and insightful programming on state-related issues,” WisconsinEye president Jon Henkes said.

The programming is featured on the WisconsinEye website and Spectrum cable channels statewide.

THUMBS DOWN to the winter of 2019 — a seemingly endless saga that has featured far, far too many sequels.

At various points, we’ve broken records for snowfall. We’ve broken records for temperatures that were colder than 30 below.

And just when we put the parka away, got out in the yard and set out the deck furniture and the grill, we get hammered with just about everything — heavy snow, sleet, hail, rain, a thunderstorm and lightning strikes, downed trees and power lines. And now, the floodwaters are rising a bit. Enough.

THUMBS UP to the additional counseling services that colleges provide to students — and the students who are making use of those services in record numbers.

According to a report by the American College Health Association, more than 60 percent of college students said they had experienced “overwhelming anxiety” in the past year, and more than 40 percent said they felt so depressed they had difficulty functioning.

Money problems are at the heart of it, according to a report in The New York Times.

While college enrollment has increased just 5 percent between the start of the 2009 school year and the end of the 2015 school year, the number of students seeking help at campus counseling centers has increased 30 percent.

We’re pleased that schools are providing these crucial services. And we’re pleased that students are showing maturity, ignoring stigma and getting help.

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It didn't take "far too long" to finally approve the LaCrosse Center expansion. City leaders did their due diligence and came up with a conservative plan that gets the most from every dollar committed to the project.


If that money pit is making so much money for la crosse why is it costing the tax payers another 46 million?
It will take over 32 years to reach a breakeven point of a $4.2 million contract with Johnson Controls Inc. to upgrade four different city buildings! The $42 million La Crosse Center renovation will never come close break even!! How much would we save if the employees would just turn off lights when not needed? How about turning down the heat and limit the A/C Mr. Bankruptcy won’t be happy till he digs this city in a dollar hole so deep there will be no way out!! This clown needs to go, along with his supporters and spend happy fools at city hall, and the morons on the clowncel that are clueless!! We the tax payers and voters will remember this at the poles and you spend happy fools will go to the unemployment line!!!!
How about fixing the roads and stop lights, West ave and Jackson has not worked properly since August 2018, when I called to report it I was told a cable was broke, so why not fix it!! Why are we spending 10 times the cost for sensor controlled lights compared to timer controlled lights!! If the morons at city hall can’t or won’t fix something as simple as a cable maybe we should fire them all and find someone that can or will fix it!!!!!!!!!!


If you don't like it, run for office.


Do you feel the same way about our President Bankruptcy?

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