Alyssa Boyer: Why are fashion clothes in skinny sizes?

Alyssa Boyer: Why are fashion clothes in skinny sizes?


The majority of American adults are classified as overweight, so why are the majority of fashion brands crafting their products for the slim?

Many retail companies have been in the public eye for body shaming and failing to cater to the sizes of the average American woman.

As more and more girls shift to praise the new curvy body movement, many brands seem to take steps backward, and cater almost exclusively to the ultra-skinny.

A large percentage of our nation’s female population has issues finding articles of clothing that are both stylish and in their size.

Currently, it has become difficult to find clothes that are any larger than a size 12; however, the average size for women is now a 16.

A lack of suitable sizing in stores compels individuals to have a poor sense of self-worth. As millennials are moving to encourage a movement of self-love and embracing all body types, it is increasingly difficult to administer those beliefs with the standard sizing the fashion industry holds dear to.

Alyssa Boyer, La Crosse


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