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Amy Dummer: We must listen in order to serve

“Each one Teach, Let your Light Shine, Walk your Talk.” -- Sister Thea Bowman, Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration

I firmly believe in listening to the people you serve.

In the Peace Corps, the first several months of your service is just getting to know your community and listening. There is direct communication and there is being part of community conversations where you hear needs stated differently.

What are we hearing now from the community? People need food to eat and money to pay their bills or bill relief. Small businesses need loans or grants to pay their employees and their bills.

Everyone needs health care they can trust right now.

In listening to this, we as a community are donating food to Food Drive Friday every week.

We are assisting people applying for unemployment, as well as pushing for rent, mortgages and utilities to defer payments during this time and consider forgiving these few months.

We are working to connect small-business owners to the Payroll Protection Program, Economic Injury Disaster Loans, Wisconsin’s Workshare Program and other ways to assist employers to pay their employees and stay afloat.

We are advocating that any uninsured person who goes to the hospital for COVID-19 testing is able to sign up for BadgerCare on the spot.

We are also hearing that people are anxious, scared and depressed and we are allowing people to feel their feelings.

This is an acute time of need. We are listening so we can best serve.

Amy Dummer, Holmen


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