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Wisconsin families are watching a labor market that’s getting increasingly short of workers and in such a market, economic logic would dictate that pay rates would increase. After all, if there’s a gas crunch, the prices we pay at the pump go up – so why don’t wages follow suit?

One of the reasons that wages are sticky and Wisconsinites can't find better-paying jobs is because of corporate trade deals like the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Instead of leveling the playing field, NAFTA has made it easier for companies to outsource jobs so they can pay employees less. Since NAFTA, Mexico's already low wages are down nine percent and where U.S. wages are flat, the price of everything has risen.

Unless it's rewritten, NAFTA will keep giving the green light to corporations to continue to outsource American jobs, pushing down wages for everyone. Unfortunately, after six major rounds of negotiations, the Trump administration still hasn’t agreed to any real and effective labor and environmental standards needed to protect jobs in the United States, protect human rights in Mexico and raise wages continent-wide.

Join me in encouraging Rep. Ron Kind to lobby for changes in NAFTA. Ask Ron to remind Trump that President Trump promised to bring jobs back to the United States and raise Americans’ wages. Without a NAFTA replacement that prioritizes the needs of working families over corporate insiders, this will become yet another broken Trump promise.

Bill Brockmiller, La Crosse

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Bill Brockmiller is treasurer of Western Wisconsin AFL-CIO, La Crosse.