Why doesn't our government give a damn?

Man-made climate change is totally out of control yet all the Republicans look the other way. Think about the next generation -- or is it you just don't care?

I guess if the stock market is up and everybody is making money, why care about our kids and grandkids. Remember one thing, all these weather disasters - somebody has got to pay. I guarantee it won't be the wealthy. It will be the middle class. They will probably give the top 1 percent another tax break.

I wish our young people would get out there and be heard because it's your future. And our government does not care. Next time we lose our fellow Americans in floods, storms, etc., look in the mirror. 

But maybe you don't care. Five kids have died at the border in cages, but maybe you don't care. As long as the economy is thriving, who cares about other people.

Our country is so greedy right now and that's why it's going down the tubes. But then again, who cares. Well, I care about my kids and grandkids.

I recently was watching the news they were Americans vote with their pocketbook, not with their heart. Too many people just don't care. Most Americans have lived pretty darn good in many, many years.

Our young people have to take our country back. You're the next generation. Don't make the mistakes our generation has.

Bob Ekern, Brownsville, Minnesota

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