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Bob Goonin: Kind should do more than talk about human rights

Bob Goonin: Kind should do more than talk about human rights

From the COLLECTION: 32 letters to the editor published of late series

A Congressional letter was just signed by 330 members of both parties, including Rep. Ron Kind. The letter states that US military funding of Israel should continue without conditions. We are talking $3.8 billion of our taxpayer dollars each year with no strings attached. None.

Meanwhile, the Israeli state and military continue to detain, interrogate and physically coerce Palestinian children to confess to alleged crimes without legal representation or family present. They continue to demolish Palestinian homes and take land to expand Jewish settlements. Israel can do this because it has militarily occupied Palestinian land for 54 years.

If our tax dollars are used to support these crimes and we do not object, then we are complicit in them.

Congresswoman Betty McCollum from Minnesota recently introduced legislation that would prohibit Israel from spending American money in support of these human rights violations and land theft. The bill does not reduce the amount of military aid. It does require Israel to account for how it spends our money.

If the $3.8 billion was used for self defense only, its intended purpose, then why should this be a problem?

As a member of Jewish Voice for Peace, I feel a responsibility for the actions of a state that claims to represent Jewish people. But many Jews oppose the military occupation and the human rights violations that naturally follow.

Rep. Kind should step forward and co-sponsor the McCollum legislation. Its time he did more than talk about human rights.

Bob Goonin

La Farge 


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