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I am Jewish and totally disagree that Rep. Ilhan Omar's recent statement was anti-semitic.

I would urge everyone to read the full text of her comments. She does not say Jews have a dual loyalty. She criticizes lobbying efforts (such as AIPAC) that push Jews to hold allegiance to a foreign country.

And that they are not held accountable for this due to their lobbying influence. It is true - they have not been. But they do not speak for all of us Jews, and increasingly we will challenge them.

That the leadership of the Democratic Party was unwilling to support her is a reflection of that influence.

The progressives in the House, including many of color, who pushed back hard on the original resolution that implicitly framed her as anti-semitic deserve a lot of credit.

My parents came of age during World War II, and we lost family in Europe during the Holocaust.

So I am familiar with the violence that accompanies real anti-semitism.

For me, social justice has always been a core component of what it means to be Jewish.

I am highly critical of Israeli policies that violate Palestinian human rights. These include the shooting of unarmed protesters, settlement expansion, economic blockade and restrictions on movement based on ethnicity.

The heat on Rep. Omar is really a misdirection by those who do not want to have the human cost of Israel's policies held up to the light.

Bob Goonin, La Farge

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Bob Goonin is a member of Jewish Voice for Peace.