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As owner of Dickinson Family Funeral Homes, I am extremely concerned about the impact that reduced parking will have with the addition of a bike lane on Gillette Street.

When a family loses a loved one and is using that funeral home, the removal of street parking will make it more difficult for families and friends to access the funeral home.

Individuals would be asked to walk a number of blocks to pay their last respects. This would certainly make it more difficult for these families during an already stressful time.

This not only affects the families we serve but would affect people who are older, or may have difficulty walking.

This burden would significantly affect folks who are disabled and attend services at our funeral home. Having them walk a longer distance to the funeral home because the parking is no longer available is unfair to them. Folks with disabilities are trying their best to get to gatherings, and this parking issue is an extra hurdle.

Not only would it make it more difficult for families and the public coming into the funeral home, but safety is also a major concern. Gillette Street has always been a very busy corridor with heavy traffic, including large trucks and semis.

I am very concerned about the safety of the families we serve, and the proposed addition of bike lanes and the removal of parking is an absolute detriment to these families during an already very difficult time.

I would ask the Board of Public Works and the Judiciary and Administrative Committee to look at the safer alternatives that exist.

Brian J. Dickinson, town of Shelby

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