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When reading about the rejection of plans for a potential convenience store at 16th and Jackson streets, I was surprised to learn that nine parking stalls would have been required. Why that many?

Ranison’s, also on 16th and cited in a previous story as a place that sells food beyond ice cream (which would be nice, but currently only means candy, soda and chips) doesn't have any off-street parking.

And would there really ever be more than three or four drivers shopping at a small store at one time?

I thought it was supposed to be a neighborhood convenience store. Wouldn’t a lot of the shoppers be walking there? How much bicycle parking would be required?

Also, what does “safe access for everybody to get in and out” mean? Safe for vehicles or safe for pedestrians? Some careful maneuvering to get in and out at least slows drivers down for pedestrians.

Even if this project has other reasons to be rejected, I’m concerned that city rules may make new, walkable development very difficult.

Bridget Brown, La Crosse