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As the La Crescent-Hokah school referendum draws near, I urge voters to consider a benefit for voting "yes" that I have not yet heard mentioned. The benefit for all children and grandchildren of voters is a given. If you are a retiree, you need to reflect upon all the people who supported your children when they were in school.

But if that is still not enough of an incentive for voting "yes," perhaps you should take a "what's in it for me?" approach. Here is your answer: Statics verify that property values are greatly impacted by the quality of the schools in the districts where those properties are located.

If, as a retiree, you are remotely thinking of downsizing, the resale value of your home will definitely be affected by the result of this referendum and the programs that can either be retained or reinstated. Young families looking for their life-long home will be very concerned about the education their children will be receiving, and if District 300 must make even more cuts, those families will most likely be drawn, instead, to a community across the river that has schools that are far better funded.

If you can't vote "yes" for the youth, vote "yes" for yourself. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

Cheryl A. Moen, La Crescent

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