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Courageous and very articulate young people in Parkland, Florida, have put an emphasis on gun usage unlike anything America has witnessed. They are demanding to be heard and that legislators finally do something about this terrible epidemic only our nation is experiencing.

President Trump's response to this issue? "Let's arm the teachers." Really? If more guns could solve this problem, we would already be the safest nation in the world because we own far more than any other country.

Instead of spending money to purchase teachers guns, the safes to contain them, and then pay for the extensive yearly training for using them, how about using those same dollars to increase the number of guidance counselors and reducing class sizes so that teachers can actually connect with their students and be sensitive to those who suddenly seem to have become withdrawn or who have become troubled?

Typical high school teachers teach a minimum of 150 students in five different classes. And that's in a "good" year, without extreme budget cuts. If those numbers could be reduced, teachers would be far more likely to observe actions of a student who needs referral. And if schools had an adequate number of trained counselors, the needs of troubled students could be addressed and immediately referred to other mental-health officials.

Granted, this is only one of several critical factors that must be addressed, but arming teachers is certainly not where any part of the solution can be found.

Cheryl A. Moen, La Crescent

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