The late political commentator Walter Lippman once used the term "bewildered herd" to describe the public, which he said should be put in its place.

This term was later emphasized in a quote from leftist Noam Chomsky, who pointed out that those in power want the public marginalized.

Bewildered herd? That is how we are perceived by operatives of the Deep State. The Deep State fears public opinion.. so that opinion must be controlled to keep the bewildered herd (that's you and me) in line and obedient, especially on the issue of war. The means for controlling public opinion is the mainstream media, which, in truth, is essentially a propaganda enterprise.

Think of the American public as a herd of cattle like in the TV show, "Rawhide." The mainstream media act as cowboys like Gil Favor and Rowdy Yates to keep the herd from stampeding.

Remember that tremendous stampede in the classic movie, "Red River"? That's what the Deep State fears from the American public.

Our wars are important to the Deep State. They are sold with lies, like the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam and Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

With all due respect to the bravery, courage and sacrifice of our troops, since the end of World War II, none of our wars, invasions, occupations and bombings have involved our national security. We have been deceived by a mainstream media in service to the Deep State. I mention this because the situation is ongoing. Think of that when our next war occurs, as it surely will.

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