Darren Dannhoff: Thanks, Gov. Evers, for doing the right thing

Darren Dannhoff: Thanks, Gov. Evers, for doing the right thing


Area residents protested Gov. Tony Evers' resistance to removing the stay-at-home order for economic purposes. Catholics protested the La Crosse Diocese decision to keep its doors closed due to the coronavirus.

I want to thank those in the community for abiding by the order. We have many rights, and I respect those rights. However, I don’t agree with the protests taking place. Whether it’s re-opening communities for economic purposes or opening church doors.

I sincerely empathize with everyone and the difficulties the coronavirus has caused. I emphasize the coronavirus causing the difficulties, not the governor. It’s not easy and people are suffering major hardships.

We cannot ignore the severity the coronavirus has had on those who have suffered physically and mentally. The sheer number of those who have been infected, the lives lost and the friends and families in mourning. The number of people infected and lost will continue to grow. The complications, individually and in communities, will grow.

Our Constitution not only gives us such rights as freedom, pursuit of happiness, speech and protesting, or carrying firearms. It also gives us the right to life.

People not abiding by the governor’s order will exacerbate the situation and increase the number infected, lost and affected by coronavirus otherwise. You are the people violating my constitutional right to life.

Thank you, Gov. Evers, for being intelligent, sensible and believing in our medical professionals.

Darren Dannhoff, La Crosse


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