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Gov. Scott Walker stepped aside Tuesday and let a new man take the position of governor of Wisconsin. To list the many accomplishments of Scott Walker would take more space than allowed here.

I served as a poll watcher on campus on election day and the workers did a fine job of checking the students IDs to be sure they were eligible to vote.

The results on campus were predictable with the hot issue of the time was a referendum on pot. Forgotten was the fact that Gov. Walker worked with the Legislature to hold the tuition in check for at least eight years.

I was quite amused that the day after the election, a pair of students were on TV, all up in arms complaining that the city was threatening to charge for certain street parking, forgetting the freeze Walker held in the past.

Walker properly managed the budget so that the state paid off a huge debt to Minnesota left from the previous Democratic administration without raising taxes for that or other programs, while leaving a surplus for the state.

Who can be critical of the fantastic job Walker has done with regard to jobs. The reported lowest unemployment rate in La Crosse of 2.1% is absolutely the greatest thing for all who want a job. I know employers who would like to hire people and can’t find people to hire. WOW!

All these positives need to be held, and carefully examine requests for increased spending that will cause budget problems without increased taxes.

We are depending on the Legislature to hold the line. Yes, election results do have consequences.

Dave Drewes, La Crosse

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