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Last week, there was another tragic crash along my route home from Viroqua at an intersection with a history of tragic crashes, including fatalities.

The sheriff mentioned that the state hoped to install a safer roundabout at the intersection, but, alas, there was no money available.

How often have we heard that? No money for roads and infrastructure, education, health care, etc.? When I hear this, my mind quickly goes to an amazing statistic I discovered recently concerning military spending.

Wisconsin taxpayers are billed approximately $22 million per day by the Pentagon for defense. That’s today, tomorrow, every day. If you go to you can see the incredible amount of money each state is forced to hand over to the federal government for endless war. And it's not a partisan issue in Washington, D.C. Nearly every politician kowtows to Pentagon and spending increases each year.

Our government continues to build new roads, bridges, barracks, drone bases, etc. at approximately 800 bases around the world. The United States spends more than the next 10 big countries combined on military. This while our roads, bridges and health crumble at home. Fifty-seven percent of discretionary spending goes to military.

We can demand our representatives stop this endless war nonsense abroad and build a roundabout or two instead.

Imagine living in a nation that prioritizes quality of life at home more than raking in profits from militarily occupying and bullying the world for investors.

Dave Wennlund, Readstown