The Sept. 1 Tribune included four essays and letters that epitomize the pro-life and pro-choice standoff.

There's Chris Hardie's column and Ron Fitzpatrick's letter, which focus on children; and Christopher Ruff's anti-Planned Parenthood essay, and Carrie Teagarden's similarly themed letter. The latter two omit positions which would help born children. Specially, I ask, have you donated to organizations that support the interests of children, here and overseas?

Specifically, Hardie stresses the importance of child care. Fitzpatrick writes about saving the lives of innocent, immigrant children at the border. Both can be categorized as dealing with what occurs with actual children. Ruff and Teagarden voice nothing about live children, focusing on what happens to fetuses when they are aborted, calling them the "unborn," a term I find inappropriate in this debate.

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I am pro-choice and pro-life. I don't want a lot of abortions, but I have seen what happens to children that are unwanted and uncared for. They become children in poverty, and they don't get the adequate food or attention to grow for decent lives. They receive inadequate health care and education at all levels due to costs, cutbacks and de facto segregation.

I believe it is hypocritical to fight to prevent abortions, even early pregnancies from rape and incest, but not advocate for the host of necessities that make for productive, content and achieving children to make their lives better. What have these people lately donated to Head Start, Save The Children and UNICEF?

David Blackey, La Crosse

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