Deborah Kelly: Logan racial protests were overdue

Deborah Kelly: Logan racial protests were overdue


Kudos to the Logan High School students who walked out in protest of the racially biased treatment, and the attendant hostile environment, they are forced to deal with in a taxpayer-supported institution.

As a substitute teacher, I sent a white student to the Logan High School office when he directed the “n-word" toward several black students.

I called the office to let them know why I was sending the white student to them. I asked the black students if this sort of incident often happened and their answer was in the affirmative.

Less than 10 minutes later, the white student was back in class.

I have also heard teachers disparagingly refer to all of the black students as “those black kids,” and not just at Logan. My response was always, “You are talking about my kids and it is not OK for you to refer to them that way, particularly as I am African-American.”

At a local middle school, a teacher repeatedly used the phrase “those black kids,” and asked me concerning special-education students: “What are they ever going to do besides reproduce?”

Again, my reporting of those incidents was ignored. At the age of 70 years, I find it to be beyond reprehensible, if not illegal, that our children continue to be expected to navigate hate speech and the systemic bias that fuels it in their pursuit of an education.

Deborah Kelly, La Crosse


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