The city that purports equity and doing its best to help students succeed has failed.

Students can no longer park in the streets close to their school. The city is now demanding they pay $1 per hour and four hours at most. You must have a phone and download an app to get approved for parking. This includes accepting 18 terms of agreement... long read.

Why is La Crosse making it more difficult for students to park on the streets to attend school? Think about equity... if you don't have a phone; if you don't have extra cash; if you do not understand the long process to get the app and agree to it; then you cannot park on the streets close to Western Technical College and UW-La Crosse.

Students already have outrageous loans and multiple fees for classes. So, the city of La Crosse had decided to make it even more difficult and pricy for students to attend class.

Is La Crosse really about equity and supporting students in their endeavors to be successful students or is it really about getting one more dollar from already financially struggling students.

City of La Crosse -- you get a big thumbs down for students who need to park near their schools. You have made a negative difference in their lives.

Deborah Kollross, Onalaska

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