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There should be no problem with illegal immigration.

We need a simple regulation, allowing sponsors to bring in the poor, suffering individuals from third-world countries.

We seem to have a large number of citizens who are compassionate, caring, kind people. They would have to prove financial responsibility, guaranteeing to provide housing, food, health care, etc., until the immigrant is able to care for his or her self.

The sponsor would be required to place in escrow sufficient funds to return the immigrant to place of origin if there is a legal or financial problem causing any cost to the country.

Liberals would have a wonderful opportunity to show just how much they care for these people. News media would be able to print or show endless numbers of examples of success stories.

This would be an opportunity for our local U.S. representative, Ron Kind, to have his name on some significant legislation. Having accomplished next to nothing in his many years in Congress, he might become known -- even in D.C.

Dennis Wood, Bangor

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