Dennis Wood: Open up our country's economy

Dennis Wood: Open up our country's economy


We regularly see more information showing the Chinese developed and spread coronavirus as a biological weapon and we are told we are at war with the virus.

If we were in a shooting war we would send our young people to die and many to be wounded. In this war, the casualties are mostly elderly but we act as if no one should ever die.

Since the last major flu outbreak, we have killed some 400,000 on our highways plus millions of injuries but we keep driving.

It's past time to open the country or we face losing it. I am 89 and have no fear I will be taken by the virus. If it happens it's no great loss to the country.

Something is going to get me and many of the deaths so far have involved contributing health factors. Anthony Fauci is a doctor, his interests are disease and death. He does not factor the entire economy in his pronouncements while President Donald Trump must deal with the broad picture.

He is far more committed to the health of our country than anyone else. We must get behind him and open up.

Dennis Wood, Bangor


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