A friend recently showed me a letter sent by the Republican National Committee.

Headed “2019 Congressional District Census,” it is signed by Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the RNC. It states that “This is the largest Congressional District Census our Party has ever taken for a Presidential election.”

You may have received it. Much of it is a typical political survey/donation request, not that different from ones I get from the Democratic Party.

However, there is one point especially that it makes that is disturbing and misleading. It is the claim that “[With]…the Democrats and mainstream media constantly spreading fake news about President Trump and his administration, it is difficult to get the real facts about his agenda out to Americans…”

For the Republican Party to push the myth that mainstream media is systematically publishing “fake news” shows that party’s corrupt leadership.

They know better.

What is the alternative to mainstream media, social media? The Republican Party itself? Now, that would be unbiased.

There’s no comparison. Any fool can see that social media has huge pools of gossip, hearsay, crazy assertions and malice.

Sure, the mainstream occasionally makes a mistake or gets it wrong, but it has much more rigorous standards for trying to get it right.

My wife worked for several newspapers, and she constantly had to check, confirm and double-check at the risk of losing her job. It’s ironic that’s Republicans won’t believe a major newspaper, but will believe any crackpot with a rant.

Don Foy, La Farge

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