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On April 2, all eligible voters in La Crosse and Vernon counties will have the opportunity to call for an open, transparent and fair method of drawing legislative district lines.

Voters can take a stand for true representative government where our votes aren’t diminished by politicians establishing legislative boundaries for partisan advantage.

Wisconsin taxpayers are currently paying for partisan political maneuvering and for legal fees as the state defends the gerrymandered partisan legislative districts. So far, $3.5 million taxpayer dollars have been spent with private attorneys working in secret, and on court costs for multiple lawsuits, one of which continues today.

There is a better, fairer and less costly method for the constitutionally required duty of adjusting all governmental boundaries to reflect population changes and fair representation based on census information.

Some states, including our neighbor Iowa, have a nonpartisan, transparent system of drawing legislative lines. Iowa has never had a legal challenge to its maps, and the process has been open in contrast to Wisconsin’s secret, party controlled process.

Voters will be asked to answer the question, “Should the Wisconsin Legislature create a nonpartisan procedure for preparing legislative and congressional redistricting plans?” A yes vote on the April 2 ballot will be a vote for fair maps and fair representation.

Elizabeth Kruck, Genoa

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