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I recently had a chance to be in Washington, D.C., where I happened to meet a border agent.

I asked him if he thought a border wall/fence was needed. His immediate response was an emphatic "yes." He continued by saying, "and if you don't believe me come on down to the border and I'll show you why the wall coupled with other key technology is needed."

Actually, my opinion doesn't matter. I'm only one person. However, the opinions of Rep. Ron Kind and Sen. Tammy Baldwin matter a great deal because they oppose "the wall."

I would encourage both of them to take that border agent up on the offer to see first-hand why the border wall/fence/coupled technology is so important.

It's time to listen to those who are on the front line to get their input and not just those sitting in Washington, D.C. It would be interesting to see how many agree.

Eugene Smithart, Onalaska

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