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I live around Green Coulee Road in Onalaska. My wife and I are frequent walkers in the same area.

Many of the folks who live in our area are dog owners. We like dogs, but don’t own one. Onalaska has leash laws and laws pertaining to dog droppings. Apparently many of our dog-owning neighbors are unaware of these two laws.

We were just on our walk and there was dog dirt on the sidewalk and in the snow-covered grassy area between the sidewalk and curb. It's a mess. I’m not talking about one or two piles of droppings but many.

Fido can’t help it, he’s only doing what dogs do. Humans, on the other hand, can and should help out by cleaning up after him.

This is not only disgusting but it's rude, disrespectful and irresponsible. If you own a dog it's your duty to clean up after it. It's not only your duty, it's the law.

The same goes for removing snow on your sidewalk. In Onalaska. Stonebridge Court has many dog droppings right on the sidewalk and many walkways are not cleared of snow.

Dog owners, please keep our city sidewalks and neighbors’ lawns free of dog droppings. And by shoveling your sidewalk, you might prevent someone from taking a nasty fall.

Fred Kurtz, Onalaska

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