Why are so many Democratic presidential candidates so enamored with socialism? These same Democratic candidates seem to be in love with the idea of big government controlling every aspect of our lives.

The bitter truth is Socialism does not work, it only leads to misery. Socialism has failed everywhere it's been ushered in.

We live in America and America is and always has been a capitalist country, and that is one reason we are so great. Why would anyone want to change that?

In my years on this planet I have seen the country prosper and I have also seen able-bodied people sitting back collecting government handouts. Here in La Crosse, entitlement programs seem to be growing more and more and yet businesses are pleading for employees. Does that make sense?

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At busy intersections around town you can find people holding cardboard signs begging for money and yet businesses are still begging for employees. It just doesn’t make sense. People who choose not to work should not expect others who do work to support them. We are all expected to earn our own way.

Do not support those candidates who have a socialist agenda. We do not want more government dictating how we live our lives, we’re doing pretty good on our own. Socialism is the bane of every country it has been tried in. We do not want it to bring down America.

Fred Kurtz, Onalaska

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