Ban lawn fertilizers in town

If it were up to me, lawn fertilizers and growth and death chemicals for plants would be severely restricted or eliminated from residential use in La Crosse city and county.

Obviously this is a heated subject for people who need perfect lawns. I myself do not need a perfect lawn and have used very minimal chemicals for more than 15 years on my lawn and it looks pretty good.

If you wish to have a stronger lawn without chemicals, try this. If you haven’t mowed your lawn yet this spring, don’t. Even if you have, try this: Let your lawn go to seed in the spring. Let it grow out one time until you see seeds. If you have a big weed problem you will have to do some work and dig some weeds. Not hard work but yes, work.

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Make the kids do it for punishment, it works.

So you let the lawn grow till at least Memorial Day or until the neighbors call the city. I usually get a letter about June 6 that I need to mow my lawn (thanks, neighbor), I wait three more days, then mow the lawn. Most of it has gone to seed by then. try to break up the clumps and spread the seeds if possible, then just keep it moist for a few days if it doesn’t rain. I have been doing this for many years, it works.

Chemicals: don’t want them, don’t need them.

Gary O. Wiste, La Crosse

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