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I read with great interest the guest view by Dr. Elsie Patterson (Tribune, Jan. 17) regarding Chief Decorah and the Ho Chunk.

She has a lot of interesting history about him and others.

Instead of one statue, more of these great people should be honored.

It would be nice if the city would give part of the former Mobil Oil land to the Ho Chunk so that they could have a nice piece of land to build a park to show residents and tourists what this area looked like when the original settlers were playing a game that was similar to lacrosse.

It could feature a village of teepees and a glimpse at what life was like before the white settlers took over.

These people deserve to be recognized with more than one statue.

Hopefully, Dr. Patterson, the Common Council and the Human Rights Commission will see the value of having a Native American park that celebrates our area’s heritage.

This will remind us how these people lived along the river.

A park and a museum would be a great attraction for tourism to the great city and area of La Crosse.

Please leave “Hiawatha” stand as originally dedicated.

Gene Falkenberg, Onalaska

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