George Krall: Fight voter suppression

George Krall: Fight voter suppression


Recently, Republican notables are stating that they will not vote for, or are reluctant to vote for, President Trump.

These include former President George W. Bush, Sen. Mitt Romney, former Secretary of Defense General James Mattis and former Secretary of State General Colin Powell, who called Trump a liar.

Other Republican notables and rank-and-file voters are beginning to realize that Trump is unqualified to serve as president and his reelection would be disastrous for America.

Trump lost the popular vote by three million in 2016 and is in office by virtue of the antiquated electoral college system.

Republican hard liners and Trump himself, realizing their precarious position, are working desperately to suppress voting and to keep from the polls those who would vote against Trump.

They are people whose lives for many reasons find it difficult to get to the polls. Trump threatens states not to use mail-in voting. Republicans in Wisconsin are asking a federal judge to block Democratic-friendly groups from making changes that would make it easier for people to vote. Recently we have seen serious voting problems in Georgia.

For the vast majority of Americans, the only positive tool that we have for shaping our government is our vote.

Every voter should make certain that they are registered and have a clear path to the polls. I urge people to speak out, write letters to senators and representatives about their concerns.

If you wait until November, it will be too late.

George Krall, La Crosse


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