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I am not in favor of requiring teachers to be armed.

I do not understand the "moral objection" to guns, but then I don't have to. I am in favor of removing the gun-free zone designation from schools, I am in favor of allowing teachers, administrators and janitors to be able to exercise the right to bear arms, but I don't want to require it. To me, that would be like forcing people to speak out, forcing them to assemble, forcing them to attend a church.

Having the right to do something also means having the right to not do it. Removing the gun-free zone designation would remove the guarantee that everyone in that zone is unarmed. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't. A person who would want to do harm just wouldn't know.

There is a reason that they attack schools and not police stations — their own safety and a guarantee that they can cause the most harm before someone stops them.

Henry Lange, Bangor