I am writing in response to Martha Linville's letter to the editor (Sept. 29 Tribune) regarding Mandatory Gun Buy Back laws. In the letter she asks to have a rational discussion not a fear fest, but the letter is filled with fear-instilling statements and offers no facts for such a discussion.

Linville mentions rules for cars and planes and writes, "We have rules for cars and airplanes and so many other things. Our weapons should have at least as many restrictions on their use and sale as those items have."

So, let's have the facts without the fear.

Fact: Sales of automobiles and airplanes do not require NICS background checks.

Fact: Felons are not prohibited from purchasing or using automobiles or airplanes.

Fact: The Constitution does not specifically state citizens have a right to own a vehicle.

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Fact: Automobiles deaths are the leading cause of death for school-aged children.

Fact: No one is advocating for Government Mandatory Buy Back of any vehicle.

Fact: It is already illegal to shoot people. Those who do obviously have no regard for the law.

Fact: Mandatory Buy Back means you/me/we must surrender our property to the government or be in violation of the law (become a criminal)?

I would be happy to participate in an actual rational discussion, but it seems those who want to use fear to seize personal property prefer the ability to hear only their own point of view.

Hubert Hoffman, Onalaska

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